Warthog VESA mounts

I bought a warthog HOTAS at the end of last year, finally upgrading from my Saitek X52 which got so old that the rubber actually destabilised and went tacky!

I love the warthog but it is so awkward to use on a standard height desktop. I have looked at mounts but they are extortionately priced so decided that I would try the vesa monitor mount approach. I bought the mount and found that nobody makes a warthog to vesa attachment so I decided to make my own!

Kind of difficult in a flat but bought some precut 5mm aluminium and over the weekend I drilled out the holes for the stick and the throttle together with the vesa mount holes. Sanded, primed and painted with matt black enamel I think they look good.

Because of the minimum spend on the aluminium I bought enough to make 4 sets. Unfortunately i screwed up the holes on one of the stick mounts, but if anyone wants to buy a set let me know. You never know if there’s enough interest I could make some more.

I’ll take pics of it set up tonight but thought i’d share the pics todsy whilst on lunch.


They look great!
Are you planning on mounting them on monitor arms?
Got a pic or two?

Yeah! I bought a dual monitor arm mount and I’m fitting them to that tonight. Was waiting for the enamel to dry a bit more before fitting. Will do tonight and share the pics.


so does this mean some dcs flying is in sight :grin:


Definitely! Let me know when you guys fly i’m nearly always free of an evening or weekend.

Got home and set it up, I am chuffed with it!

The dual mount is a Duronics one I picked up for £20 on an Amazon sale.

I bought some nice black hardware to screw everything on too with the correct lengths so no exposed sharp threads.


That looks fantastic @Tigerwulf!

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Thanks mate! I agonised over research and tried to get all the right things. I’m very proud of how they turned out!

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I like it!
I also use a Vesa mount for my trackball.
I drilled and cut some simple keyholes to mount it to the side.


Nifty! I think I may do similar and mount a keypad and small mouse pad or trackball.


Do your knees not catch the corners of the plate when your flying? Great looking setup :slight_smile:

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Thanks Cib

I have only just fitted them, but no they won’t because I am sat back a little to take the photo. The plate is actually between and just above my thighs when properly seated and the mount bar clears in front of my knee too for the rudder pedals.

Here’s a slightly better pic but difficult to take haha!


This is realy interesting concept. With ruder pedals I cant fit my knees under the table anymore so I will need to adapt some similar solution.

@Tigerwulf is it enough stable? I guess it is but have to ask anyway :wink:

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Yeah definitely stable enough. Once i tightened each of the bolts on the vesa mount arms the only movement is from the desk.


That looks great. Is it all pretty solid when you are using it?

Thanks! It is pretty solid. I have tightened all the bolts on the arms and the only small movement is from the desk itself if anything. I definitely haven’t noticed any problems whilst flying. Plus, with the stick in a place where you have more authority you overcome the central point of the stick much easier. It feels much better than up on the desk.

Here you go, a quick vid (excuse the poor quality, camera work, direction and production values)


That looks just as solid as my MonsterTech’s. Very nice indeed. Having the stick centrally mounted makes a huge difference too.

Thanks mate! Definitely, it really does make a big difference.

Are you selling the smaller desk mount Paul? I need something I can screw in to mdf, max width 180mm.
Cheers, Gaz