We added some parking spots....

I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that we’ve invited both @Fridge and @Troll to assist us as “Staff” here at Mudspike. I’d like to extend my thanks to them for agreeing to help out in an area where admittedly not much help is needed, but we are hoping to stay ahead of the requirements for the site.

With just a few of us here running the site, and with the forums growing in popularity, we thought it would be a good idea to have a few more eyes on the place to keep any train wrecks from littering up the tracks. Thanks to the awesome skills of @fearlessfrog, he has put in place a fairly robust forum that is very much self policing and keeps the spammers and griefers to a minimum, but with only a few of us around, it can’t be 24-7 monitoring. So @Fridge and @Troll kindly agreed to serve as more guardians of our “living room” so to speak.

We passed two years as a forum last month, and this little splinter experiment off the main site (mudspike.com) has really grown on all of us. We actually hope that we might stabilize at a relatively small volume, high quality content forum that won’t result in lots of drama and moderation - and we really (really!) appreciate all our users for keeping it that way. We know that there are lots of choices out there across the web that offer varying degrees of freedoms to discuss things, and we can only hope we are hitting the right middle ground here.

We look forward to a great summer with some fun multi-player events and I think we are in unanimous agreement that whatever your sim(s) of choice are - this is a great time to be in this hobby.

Thanks again to all of you for being great members of this community and for your friendship and comradery.

Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth


Congrats and thank you to @Troll and @Fridge. I can’t think of two better choices for this responsibility. I am looking forward to the future for this bright little corner…


Congrats @Troll and @Fridge. Good luck you guys.

And heres to another 10 years!