We live in a world of Spyware

I take it for granted now that every Personal Computer I own especially Apple iPhone (iOS) - Android (Linux) and Windows probably hoovers up everything you type, video/voice input and most definitely GPS location…then sends it back to the corporate overlords. Why not when everyone is happy to sleep walk into this position to get a free game.

Even have an Alexa that apparently records everything when on (suspect there will be a battery in there soon!)

Privacy eh who needs that. :scream:

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I resent the heck out of all of this , but I suspect I have privacy PTSD!

When I was a kid, one of my relatives gave me one of those gray toy safes play with. If you know what I’m talkin about, you know those things were cheap as hell, and all you had to do the open it was pull on the door and spin the combination dial until the thing opened.

You didn’t even need to know the actual combination. It was definitely a toy.

Nonetheless, my mother demanded the combination and informed me that I was not allowed to have anything that she couldn’t get into.

For various reasons, I could not even begin to describe exactly how angry and resentful that made me. A privacy fanatic was born that day.

I don’t quite think the government is in my sock drawer, but when given the opportunity to squash corporate privacy disrespect on my computers and devices, I will usually take it.


Maybe not your sock drawer, but definitely your shorts drawer

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Thanks for this. My LinkedIn (and FB) apps are now deleted.

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We gave up our privacy when we started using smart phones.

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