Weather en route

Best place to get a weather en route forecast including winds aloft, for a flight plan?

Also is there anyway to get runway info besides ATIS?

Honestly one thing I’ve started using lately, in addition to my normal resources, is

It takes a couple minutes to setup, but once you get it done it’s pretty much a one-stop shop for your weather and briefing. It has weather for departure, arrival, and everything in between. It’s also pretty good about selecting routing and SIDs/STARs for you. I say “pretty good” because, as I found out when planning a sim flight from SAN-LAS with SAN using RWY09, it’s not perfect. It also helps if you have a current AIRAC subscription as it will give you up to date procedures.

There’s always Aviation Weather but you’ll have to hunt for the info a bit more.

This one is a good one for quick enroute planning. Gives winds aloft and estimated time and fuel based on templates (types of a/c) and down below it has a couple buttons for departure/destination wx. I use it for some rough calculations.

Go to the Quick Trip Info tab on the left side menu…

I’m still old school though and actually get my weather and file my flight plans with DUATS. I’m a dinosaur.


Thanks guys. I use simbrief a lot. I was looking for more of a quick look. What @BeachAV8R suggested is what I was kinda looking for.

Yeah, to use it unregistered limits you to the selections on the left - I think there are a smattering of GA type planes… When I’m in a hurry, I can usually use the CJ3 for my Citation Ultra and get pretty good numbers…although the fuel burn for me will be higher. Mostly I’m interested in the winds aloft and estimated trip time though. After 20 years of flying Citations, I should be able to look at the HOURS/MIN and figure out if I’m going to coast in or flame out…LOL…

If you are a registered user, you can set up specific aircraft profiles.

@boomerang10 - That’s the first time I’ve seen SimBrief - does it happen to have the ability to export FSX and X-Plane flight plans by chance?



Awesome… I’m gonna sign up for that one…

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