Website to post flights, log flights and just hang out

Hi guys, just came across your site. look forward to following the forums.
I have a small website, Aerodrome Fliers It is a place where you can log your flights, flight plans can be posted and just generally hang out in the discord server.

Unlike some V.A.'s I just wanted a place where you could fly what you wanted, when you wanted to wherever in the world you wanted to without ranks telling you you couldn’t. I don’t ask anyone to post a flight within a timeframe, just tying to set up a community of people that enjoy our sim and are there to fly with others no matter what level of experience.

Hi @wolfmanslack , welcome to Mudspike.

Best of luck with your site. If you hang out here at Mudspike for a bit I think you will find we are pretty much what you are describing…a group of people who enjoy simming, quite a few fly together and experience is not in any way required (although quite a few of us here have been simming for decades).