Weird control problems in X Plane 12

I’m using Thrustmaster for my flight sim, works fine in X Plane 11, but not in X Plane 12 tried calibrating it but doesn’t help. Ex: If I try to pitch up or down it works the ailerons instead of the elevator, other controls react wrong too. Please help and thank you!

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Hi @Ripsaw0071 and welcome…

I was wondering can you post a screenshot of the axis/controls assignment page?

Well I’m an old man and don’t know how I would go about posting the page your asking for.

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Oh I can imagine. Don’t worry for now, let me think about this, ok?
Just know that I saw your message and I’ll think about a solution.

Thank you and I appreciate your help!

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Hi @Ripsaw0071!

Have a look here for how to set up your controls in XP12.

Select which axis should control which function.

Looks like they changed the layout in XP12, without updating the instructions.

This page should be a more updated version.

Hold on a second I might have figured it out myself, be right back I’m going to go back into the flight sim and double-check and make sure that it’s fixed, thanks for your patience.

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Well guess the old brain isn’t dead yet. I managed to recalibrate my controllers and now the sim is working fine. I don’t know why it’s changed now but I’ll take it. Thank you again for your help and happy flying!!! :smiley:


Well, awesome. Computers! I don’t understand them either, most of the time :smile: