Welcome to my kill zone... Steel Beasts Pro PE

This newest update is really nice, many new features and tools… time to get back into this bad boy…

The Valley of Death, or Welcome to my killzone… whatever works…


Oh man…Steel Beasts content really hammers my sense of guilt. I think I’ve owned every version…and every year I swear I’ll carve out the time.

failure GIF


It’s very expensive. Is it worth the money? I’d really enjoy a decent modern tank sim. I just feel the price keeps me out of the game.


I found it to be worth the cash, I havent got the latest update (yet) but overall its the DCS of the tank world


Very much so… SP, MP, co-op, from tank vs tank to platoon vs platoon, from company vs company, I think all the way up to batt level, never play those big ones myself.

about 20 controlled vehicles and many more AI controlled… air, artillery support etc etc…

Just think how much you pay now-a-days for yearly games like CoD, BF, or pretty much anything with the micro-transactions.

I do wish I would of made a video clip of those air burst, it was beautiful in motion.

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that does sound wonderful, how does it control best, mouse and keyboard?

I have my Joystick set up for the turret controls … and you can now try just a month licence trial for $9.50, to see if you like it before going for the big one

ooh thats very tempting indeed. i might have to give that a whirl, it might be the thing that finally gets my boy into simming,

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It is definitely a blast, as magnum says watching an arty strike that you just called in us great :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve made this Tut on how to use multiple controllers in SB Pro PE

The Focus is Steel Beasts but it can be used for a lot of other stuff. I am using UCR and JoyToKey.

Here is a shorter JoyToKey tut.

I have not done to much with SB at home, but I am responsible for the SB sim that we have here:

It is currently running SB version 3.028 on an old Win 7 fossil of a machine, but when my home PC upgrade is done I will donate my old PC and SB will be upgraded to the latest version.

Happy Simming