Welcome to the New Mudspike Forums!

Welcome to the New Mudspike Forums!

By @fearlessfrog - May 18, 2015

Originally published at: Articles - Mudspike Forums

When we set up Mudspike.com it was really just meant to be a place that Beach, EP and I could share some writing in a setting that didn’t look too unprofessional. We certainly wanted to do something a little different, and make the content a bit more in-depth and nicer to look at. It has been fun so far.

One our original ‘what ifs?’ was about if we should set up forums or not. We weren’t keen, mainly because of wanting to do something ‘different’ again. There are lots of regular forums out there, and we didn’t think the world needed another regular one.

In looking around we discovered some alternative ways of using forums, and some new things we liked. Our shopping list looked a little like this:

– Mobile/tablet friendly. Over time things change on how we use the web. A lot of us don’t sit at a desk while gaming to read, and often grab a tablet or a phone. We don’t want to be ‘pinch zooming’ around trying to read tiny text.

– Uploads, Screens and videos. A nice way to share impressions of a game is to capture a video or screen-shots and share it – often with a little narrative or story on what’s going on. The ‘After Action Reports’ style of posting should be *really easy* and something anyone can do. No fiddly upload rubbish or barriers.

– The Community in Control. People like to argue on the net, and there is nothing wrong with that, until it gets to a point where the noisest voice just blocks out everything else out. What we wanted was a way to allow regular contributors to have more power to control how they wanted their community to work. A ‘trust’ system where people can make their own ‘better place’ without a strict line between ‘user’ and ‘moderator’. We also didn’t want to spend every waking hour being wardens either.

So we happily present the new (and strange!) Mudspike Forums (insert your own tada noise here pls, our budget didn’t stretch that far):


Some things to note:

– If you joined our site before, you should receive an invite from us later this week. You are welcome to register before that if you like direct with the site, and PM one of us there to get a bump in ‘user level’. Once you click through that email invite link then do set up your profile and have a poke around. As an invited member you’ll get the ability to upload screens and create topics in our various categories. As you read and contribute your ‘level’ goes up and you can do more things. Anyone can join, although the ‘user trust’ gizmo means you need to read a bit before being able to post uploads etc.

– The organization and look/feel of the forums is still in flux, and will probably always will be. What we are looking for is your help in sorting out what you want to see. Give the existing categories a try and let us know what works for you in the ‘Meta’ threads. Let us know if you want to set up a new area and use this new user ‘trust’ level thing to have a go at being a mod.

– Again, you’re ‘not in Kansas anymore’ and the new forum is a little odd. Do try things out and follow the guides that are set up. Send some PMs, do some ‘likes’, create some topics. Check out the badges, play with the live editor with it’s ‘multi-quote’ thing. There’s some nice things in there to play with! We’re learning as we go, so expect some bumps.

Our existing article comments will be left as is, but any new articles (like this one!) will use the new same forum software for commenting. We’ll also redirect the old forums to the new place too.

Thanks again for reading Mudspike.com and we hope you enjoy the new forums.

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We’re experimenting still on getting comments that are made here to appear at the main site, so there isn’t a disconnect between comments and forum posts. Hopefully that’ll be easier. :smile:

Testing replies!

Oh…I have to put at least 20 characters!

It’s to encourage people hitting the ‘Like’ wee heart icon rather than too short replies. We can lengthen it easily :smiley:

Can you just change the message to suggest a like instead?

I think it does, as in if you type less that 10 characters it show a ‘You should use the :heart: button instead’ or something. (Man, there are a lot of emoticons).

Incidentally Fridge, these comments all appear under the main article at www.mudspike.com, so it looks like the comments/topic integration is working nicely. Cool!

Looking good guys.

Uhhh… few more characters… but aren’t there enough “characters” here already. :wink:


Checking in…

…and you were on my mind.

Wrecking Crew
“We fly so that others may die!”

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Hey! Nice to see you @guod :red_car:

This is the weirdest bit forum software, but that is half the fun. It’s like a cross between a Fisher-Price Activity Center and Cub Scout Badge Sim 2015. I just got a ‘Participant’ badge, so not sure if to feel proud or not :smiley:

@guod - I told Frog that the minute I hit my first “Like” button I sold my soul to the devil…haha… I have to admit I’m not up to speed on the latest and greatest social media stuff (I don’t even have a Facebook account), but I hope we find a good mix of trendy and old school writing and participation that works.

And yeah…we can always use more characters…lol…

@WreckingCrew - Ha…see…we weren’t sitting on our hands all this time. We are trying to build Rome one brick at a time. Hope to have some type of portal or hosting for your mission files at some point if you are interested. We are getting there…

@fearlessfrog - Fisher-Price…ah…that brings back memories…


My first workbench - still has all the buttons I need :smiley:

I expect we’ll see a Fisher Price Simulator series greenlighted on Steam, any day.

One of the backer goals should be this guy.

[edit: “New users can’t post images”…awww…]

Pffft. Fisher Price. All that shiny plastic colorful doo-dad stuff. Now back when I was a lad, after walking through the snow home from school, this is what we had.

Yeah, those silver and red wheels look just as butt ugly now as they did then. :smiley:

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Well that’s the last time I google for Erector - The Motorized Set…


I had one of those erector sets. Those little tiny nuts were always getting vacuumed up by my Mom (not MY tiny nuts…the erector set’s…) Err…oh…

Holy Cow… Erector Sets have come a long way!


Damn…I want that as a 44 year old…

We had tinker toys as a kid in our house - HUGE boxes of them. In hindsight my parents must have spent hundreds of dollars on all the tinker toys we had. We made Rubeberg structures that filled the whole room, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Loved playing with those, although we had a tendency to break the little wooden hub thingies.