Well Done! A "pat on your back" thread!

2022-12-03T19:30:00Z2022-12-04T01:45:00Z (I’m not promising I can keep it up that late.)
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I could of looked at this forum for a million years and never figured that out.


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Well done, have a pat on your back mate :rofl:


I’m Zulu +10

So Saturday 1900(ish)Z = Sunday 0500(ish) for me. That isn’t too early, but I will have to think about it? Definitely won’t be on my A game at that hour.

You’ll fit right in. Keep your expectations low. Last time we flew i managed a whole turning dogfight in the sabre without realising my speed boards were out. What a W :anchor: :roll_eyes:


If you make it in at about 0800 to 0900 local, there’s a good chance you’ll catch us still alive. Deets are at Schurem's Fight Club (17/12/2022)

If you don’t have the nttr (nevada) map, get it on free trial, or buy it while sale is still on. Its a great map, and easy on the hardware.


Yep, all in for good nights mayhem … after this week I am looking forward to it :smiley: :smiley:


Yay! Fight club fight club fight club!

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I am usually up by 0600 local, so will have a go at joining in around 2100Z - I will be sufficiently caffeinated and mainly awake by then.

Edit: How does discord work for comms? I have never done that.


Congrats @Victork2 ! I’m really happy to hear that all your hard work is paying off. I’d gladly work for you…but you seriously wouldn’t want me! :rofl: Plus I’m in Texas so the commute would be kind of brutal. :upside_down_face:


Joggle after each shot


Have you got a discord account and the desktop app?

If so, join the mudspike discord server and the voice channels are listed in there along with forum pages etc

We usually use the general voice channel and youll see if its populated. Click on it and away you go.

Pm me your discord name and ill send you an invite

Edit:its flight ops not general sorry

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Not yet, but downloading now - soon as that’s done I will PM my name. Cheers

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Verification code via text message - we don’t have cell phone coverage :frowning:

I lodged a ticket with Discord support to see if there are other verification options… but I’m not optimistic. I will still have a go joining the DCS server and we can communicate using hand signals :wink:

Clyde - Disco(rd Support) Bot replied and it is as I suspected, a mobile/cell phone number is required for account verification and login and there are no exceptions.

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That sums it up right there! You’re an excellent tradesperson but I think you’re an even better people person! You have to expand … start with one more van and hire/inspire good people. I say this because there are two people in my family who translated their trades (HVAC and Plumbing) into multi million dollar, multi van fleet companies!

No pressure. :wink:


Wonder if i could make an account, verify it and then give you the password :thinking: which you could then change?

Thanks for the offer. But only one mobile/cell phone number per account.

I was going to ask my brother, but apparently it isn’t just needed for account verification, he would also need to let me know the 2FA PIN every time I wanted to log in.

I just looked and it seems you can make an account with just email verification and mine hasnt got a number linked to it either. Weird!

This could be an Australian thing. 2FA has been mandated through legislation for a whole range of industries, especially online banking. I am lucky that my bank has the option of a token because I don’t have mobile coverage.

I might try creating an account again - I’ll set up a Proton Mail account just for Discord and try with my VPN set to the UK.


Ah i never considered that

Just sent you a PM :wink:

Edit: all sorted with discord. About to drop a post in the Fight Club thread with a few questions.