Well Done! A "pat on your back" thread!

Sometimes, our jobs ailments and successes are alien to our families. Sometimes even to our RL firends.

Well, here we are Mudspikettes and Mudspikers!
Pat yourself on your back and let’s all cheer together for a job well done and Modesty be damned!
:smiley: :sunglasses:
Let’s share our victories, big and small that the World woudn’t understand!

I’ll start:

I am the Greatest!

I solved a big gnarly bug within one of our Cloud synchronization systems!
Through careful and attentive disseciton of LOG files, intense sessions of RTFM and a dash of intuition… BAM The bug is dead!

And, yes, it was that bad.


Well done @komemiute!! Crush that bug!!!

Ok. This is good. I only get blank looks and a cursory well done at best for things I’ve achieved at home. At least on here I can pretend to myself you’re all cheering and smiling!

I’ve driven every type of lorry possible. I’m what I would call “extensively experienced to the point of hatred of them”

This morning I was sent to by a driving agency to a company that has what we in England call “wagon and drags” which is a rigid lorry with a tow along trailer and not an articulated “semi” like you lot across the pond call them
So one of these index_P1240234

As opposed to

Now it might seem like a little thing but I’ve never actually driven this combination before…but inwasnt about to lose face first day on the job. I had to hitch the trailer up and do a driving and reversing test. I wandered around it and kind of made out I was doing a long inspection of things on the truck but i was really trying to work out how the f@#k it all worked. But happily I managed to look professional and passed the induction easy enough…
My wife was less than impressed when I explained this to her as “you can drive anything” Is her usual thing to say thinking they are all the same lol.
Well I was extra pleased as i havent driven a regular lorry in months and months after working in an office for ages. So yeah. I rock.


I congratulate both of you! I on the other hand have managed nothing beneficial to either myself nor humanity in months—if not years. Yet I am just happy to be here.


You are a source of wisdom for all of us!
Like… Yoda or so. Just flying airplanes.


My big coup of the week was planning my own international flight last week, waking up the next morning and executing it all within the duty limits when everything went surprisingly well. CLT-MSY-MMVR-MSY-CLT about 9 hours of block time in a 14 hour duty day. The only hiccup was U.S. Customs threatening to arrest our patient, but we talked the officer down off that ledge. :rofl:


Sweet mother of Judas! THAT is a brutal day! o7



But better looking, and not as green skinned.

Was the patient trying to smuggle illegal substances in his/her IV bags?

Seriously, guys… I’m proud of you all!


You are all legends!
Even if you feel like a small cog in the machine at times (I definitely do right now, my last “hero moment” is a while back).


My latest milestone is due to the new head chef going awol on Friday night.
Saturday I had breakfast for 10 people then a buffet for 150 as the hunt met at the pub as a prelude to the hunt ball. Then lunch service which was quiet before Saturday night service with a table of 18 plus 2x7 and several 2s 3s and 4s.
Sunday saw me alone again with another 10 breakfasts followed by Sunday lunch and 44 covers. The only assistance I received was from the dishwasher. Today I had a day of prep. Created my ala carte menu and did service for 20. I am not qualified but you just have to get stuck in “adapt improvise and overcome” to quote gunny highway in heartbreak ridge :crazy_face:


As a retiree the bar is set much lower…today I arose earlier than 10:30. :grin:

(actually true. Yesterday I awakened at exactly 1300.)


That’s pretty great and imma let you all finish, but we just 4-peated as league champs in our curling club.


Graduated 58 new police officers, started 68 cadets today, off to the races again we go! 23 cadet classes here at the training academy. personally taught about 1,200 how to shoot or drive, and trained over 1600 on Use of Force. Personally saved 7 cadets from failing out of the academy with remedial driving or firearms instruction, and my only failure reapplied and graduated in this last class. Still batting 1.000. And saw 2,000 individual sworn officers for inservice training last year.


My retiree day was glorious - I seem to have stopped hooking my driver; hit all but one fairway today. Damn, I good :wink:


Sounds to me that you are qualified. Great job!
As you say, sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horns and hang on. Usually, assuming you make it work, good things can follow.


I opened 12 oysters last Sunday without gouging a hole in my thumb with the knife.


Batman? That you…?


Some great stories going on here. Take a bow… Here is my bit. I work IT. My department (service desk) is judged on the percentage of tickets we get out the door on time. Mind you, not the stuff we fix but tickets done on time. In Sept my boss got let go for cheating on his timecard. He had it coming and there was no love lost. The site manager made me temporary lead. She then approached me a couple of weeks later about the percentages. I said I would try. Our average quickly came up to 85 percent. That sounds good here but it’s still in the Red. You got to get 95% to be in the green. For two weeks I tried and failed even though my boss was delighted at the new numbers, I was not pleased. So I asked her, “I need help”. Shes an awesome boss. She refered me to the guy who does the numbers. He says, “Look here and youll see a breakdown of the delinquent tickets”. Turns out some punk Private was reopening my tickets. There were other offenders too. Armed w this information I left my office to make enemies. In the end it was not that bad. Everyone was willing to help. The next week we were at 97% then 98. Green at last my boss came by and offered me to keep the lead at a healthy raise. Now, what I thought impossible happened. 100 percent. And it happened more than once. Considering we had been at 45 to 55 percent before, This is a big improvement. It makes my boss look good. If you know anything about business, when your boss looks good You look good. I’m getting promoted and getting back pay for the months I’ve been lead.
You could say it’s been a good year. Sorry for the text wall.


As a software guy this makes me cringe so hard.
But hey, it seems you are making the best of it, good job!


I know it sounds like the priority is to get tickets out the door, but believe you me We help people.


Well done @Maico that’s an awesome success story!! Proud of you buddy as I had a similar thing in my last job and didnt receive any support and failed the percentage game pretty hard…
Good job dude I really hope it stays in the high numbers and your new lead role keeps rocking with you at the helm :+1: