Well , that was a debacle!

Thought i’d download the X-plane demo to check out Vulkan performance in VR , default X-plane graphics , navaids and such . Maybe get a sense of flight dynamics as well .
First thing is a quickie axis bind and lets take her for a spin . No , not that kind of spin . Oops , Laminar detected my CH Control Manager , which i only have installed for calibration purposes , and thus has no profile . Laminar sez “Calibrate CH control manager axis 00”-3 times . Well i don’t know which axis i’m calibrating , i resent being told something three times , and besides , i can’t be bothered-i just wanna bore holes in the sky-skip
So i am presented with 3 (!) axes to bind which presents a couple of problems . The first is that the bindings are not grouped by controller , and by the time i figured that out , i have ANOTHER idiot box telling ME that i have too many axis commands bound . Also , there are only 3 boxes , and i need 4 axes for basic flight control . I click something else and get the wheel of death . Never mind , i’ll click that there “reset to default” and fly this bird . I am a (too) experienced virtual aviator and if this thing has wings , i’ll figure out how to fly it .
The result ? I’m in the aircraft with only roll control and in a gentle phugoid at near stall speed . But a super-pilot with ice in his veins can always find a way . Didn’t i see a YouTube video of someone flying with touch controllers ? I’ll use one of them for pitch and throttle , and the stick for roll . This is a 172 and they’re accustomed to wallowing through the sky with lazy-footed pilots back from a burger .
So i grab the controller , point at the yoke , and it starts spinning around like Linda Blair’s head , and bumping forward and back like a piston . Oh ! That must have been what that sensitivity slider is for .
About the time i entered the spin (yeah , that kind of spin) i can feel the dog hunching my leg . No problem (the spin , not the dog) -except it’s hard to center a stick if it’s pounding like a piston , and even harder to apply opposite rudder if you don’t have one . As the screen turns red , i swear i hear the dog laughing…

And that was how i burned my X-plane demo .


:rofl: Sounds like what happens when I hop in a DCS airplane after some time off and some updates and the axis mapping have all gone back to default. So rudder pedals and throttles sometimes move the stick and throttle. That can get exciting…!



Yeah gotta love how they remap all axes to all controllers as well .

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Yeah for whatever reason XP11 lists all 3 CH controllers (pedals,stick, throttle) by the same name in the config | joystick drop-down. It all works though I find myself ‘wiggling’ things when searching to tweak them.


Thanks for the tip ! I’ll use it when i recover from my first X-plane experience :slight_smile:

Aaah, simulators and trying to be clever about control axis asignments! I’ve been trying to get CAP 2 to recognize my HOTAS Cougar but alas, no such luck so far…

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There’s a title that I’m always hopeful will re-burst back onto the scene with a complete campaign and gameplay.

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Tried Joy to Key or something similar ?

No not yet, that might work!

I’d be happy with MFD bindings and a way to externalize the controller config so it’s not in the same file as the graphics settings (makes for better distribution for something like a HOTAS profile).

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I have begun to prefer a UCR and JoyToKey combo. Universal Controller Remapper.

UCR is getting better and better for axes control. You can have 8 virtual (vJoy) joysticks
Set state of all 8 axes, 128 buttons, 4 POVs for all 8 vJoy sticks. No Force feedback.

I prefer JoyToKey for assigning keypresses to device buttons and Axes as I find it faster to setup than UCR.
It also supports multiple key combinations with up to 4 simultanius keypresses like Crtl/Shift/Alt/H. This is not supproted by by UCR.
You can add key presses to both ends of 8 Axes, 2 POV’s and 32 buttons on each device.
I have yet to reach the limit of keypresses to assign and I have 9 controllers with at least 148 buttons to play with.

Some games only sees the Windows Prefered Device and you can change this to your prefered vJoy stick with joy.cpl. You can see how in the linked tutorial.

https://github.com/Snoothy/UCR (Freeware)

https://joytokey.net/en/ (Free to try 7$. I think that it is well worth it.)

My UCR/JoyToKey tutorial at Steel Beasts

The short JoyToKey tut

Happy Simming

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