Well, you don't see THIS every day



Love how everyone just drives around it and keeps going on their merry way.



Not, nor ever have been, a pilot but this makes me wonder; I don’t think I could land on a highway if I saw any vehicles at all, anywhere - I’d be so worried I’d hurt someone I’d just take my chances elsewhere. Hard to say though unless you’ve been in that situation. Though with passengers it might very well be different. Will never know I guess. Looks like that may have been the pilots only choice.

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Did that truck stop? I always turn civ traffic off.


Well remember most light aircraft (Cessna 172 for example) weigh significantly less than an SUV, and usually less than most passenger cars. Also besides the actual roof of a car, cars are designed to impact stuff and still produce minor to no injury. Light aircraft not so much. I’d personally put my money on a car in 95% of the different ways the two could impact.

I like how the pilot even had the politeness to pull off to the shoulder! :sweat_smile:

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Failure to signal his lane change, traveling in the HOV lane with a single occupant…man, that guy is looking at some hefty fines! :open_mouth:


Don’t forget failing to proceed, obstructing the flow of traffic, and double lane changes are also illegal, and at touchdown he had to have been speeding enough for his vehicle to be impounded.

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Fur Sure. I used to fly with a buddy in his Beach Skipper (long time ago). My first thought was: this thing is just a lawnmower with wings! I’d work the radios and he’d fly. Was fun.