Wellness check

Disappearing from a community is not really all that uncommon but when someone who has been quite prolific just stops for no apparent reason it does make me wonder if there was a reason. When that person stop posting across multiple sites at the very same time it concerns me even more that they may have had health issues crop up.

Any chance of getting a wellness check email sent to @il2crashesnfails?

He was last seen here at Mudspike on August 26,2020. il2crashesnfails Mudspike userpage

August 26th, 2020 il2crashesnfails Great Battles forum userpage

August 14th 2020 Last video uploaded to YouTube

August 14th 2020 Last post @ Reddit

August 16th, 2020 Last post @ M4T

Several more sites can be found with a similar disappearing act time frame.



Thats a shame. I hope he is ok. Myself and @schurem tried a while back to get some contact emails for people in case of events like this but it didn’t really amount to anything. I completely understand people not wanting to give out personal information or expose themselves on the net but I will repeat our offer.

If anyone wants to send a way to contact them in the event of emergency or for us to check on them if they haven’t logged on for a certain period of time. Please by all means send a PM to me or @schurem and we will keep in touch to make sure you are OK. We will leave the message in our PM folder and only use it for the Intended purpose. Trust is key here. We only have the best intentions with this stuff and its done from the heart.

Your choice Mudspikers. We care about our little family and when someone vanishes its a bit distressing for all of us. So if you want to give us a way to find you or for you to pass a message to the other users send a pm with some contact details (email, discord, WhatsApp whatever you prefer) and we will contact you

This has not been approved, endorsed, and is no way affiliated with the owner or mods of the site. This is me and @schurem working on our own. Completely voluntary.




If you send him a PM, it does go to his email account. Not sure what else we can do.