Wes' DCS Cheat-Sheets for TM Warthog


Just thought I would share a small project I have been working on for myself. I made quick reference sheets for when I forget what I mapped where, and as a emergency backup if my profiles break.

So it started with these written sheets (designed to fit on one letter sheet), the workbook had one sheet for each aircraft I am keeping track of:

This now gets copied to a “control” section which merges the text for multi-direction buttons into one field, which can then be places in a text box.

And here is the final bit, which I am still cleaning up - the visual cheat sheet! Where you see FA18C is a drop-down menu that lets you change which worksheet profile is shown in the text boxes. Prints on letter paper:

Here is a link to the sheet on my OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Au6nuN4_FUp2gbJHACG1dGIeU6b2rQ
As this is a cloud copy of mine, any updates I make can also be found at this same link.


mmm great work but…

… i think the target software can generate those for you!
there’s a print function inside it!

I think the result is similar if i understood what you are doing!


I never bothered with TARGET. These are a direct display of what I have entered in the DCS controller settings.

I opened up TARGET - it’s lets me print a sheet labeling the buttons by their windows assignment (button 1, 2, 3 etc.) and setting up a dummy profile just allows keyboard mapping which isn’t useful to me (save maybe making a 1-click eject button) and it doesn’t go per-aircraft in DCS by the aircraft’s function.

The purpose of my sheet is so when I read the guide and it says “use sensor select switch ” I can say “okay, thats assigned to the sticks TMS switch”.

Helps with the Harrier a lot, it’s systems don’t seem as natural to me to stay in memory long, and the Sabre which doesn’t have that complex a HOTAS to crossover, so the “extra” buttons get mapped to things on other panels, like the gun selector.


I have your controller page for the F/A-18C on my desk!


Are you going to release this to the public?


I was going to clean it up a bit more, but I haven’t gotten to it.
Functionally it is working though - so you can download it via the link in the first post, which I just edited in.

If I make any updates, I will refer back to that link as it is a OneDrive cloud copy of my actual document - so it will update as I go.


Update 2019-02-19:

  • Added missing throttle detent control labels.
  • Added missing Flaps Switch control labels.
  • Boxed in “Profile For” cells.
  • Adjusted multiple label boxes to remain connected to arrows.

Updated version available via same link in original post.