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I am currently flying Ground POunder Sim’s excellent Cerberus North campaign. It’s an F-18 gig. He often has me fly with rockeyes, and for some reason, those hardly ever fall even in the same post code as the CCIP cross. What gives?


Are you using the radar for CCIP or the terrain database?


Is there anything I need to do to get radar data for the CCIP? The thing is turned on and emitting. There’s some wind, but I thought I compensated for that. And shouldn’t the bombing computer be taking wind into account?

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That’s a bit too much credit you are giving here. It would have to compute the wind velocity vector for every point along the bombs trajectory from the moment the bomb is released until impact (so, into the future). Not even a supercomputer could do that in realtime, let alone that there is no data source that could provide all the necessary data to accurately make that prediction.

It’s been ages since I flew the Hornet but I’m sure there are videos on youtube.

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What’s your burst height setting?

Also got a TACview track? That helps sometimes.

Also CCIP is tied to INS if that helps, maybe a bad align or is the mission pre 1985?

Also minimize cross wind drops

And is AUTO drop an option, I hear tales of the hornet not liking CCIP.

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Put it at 900.

I’ll get one next time I try.

Aligned it all the way, its on IFA in the post GPS era.

Down wind is doable, upwind is right across Muhammad the igla boys’ yard, not doing that.

Gah, I’m having a bear of a time getting the pod on anything that’s not a waypoint. Not getting a hud indication of where its looking, let alone the helmet. God I want the hog’s helmet and pod UI.


Typical is 1500, might be worth a try, Rockeyes are dumb bombs after all, I wish the NAVY had adopted some WCMDs.

Just curious, there is a small chance you maybe pulling up before release, Which would affect the trajectory

Yeah the A-10 sure did spoil us with the whole CAS thing.

I pulled this from our friends @Chuck_Owl guide, This may help.

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Unless they put in a fix I am unaware of, they had last only hard coded 1500ft into the game - so the cockpit setting does nothing for now.


You can also improve location accuracy on the HSI by selecting the POS/INS settings and selecting GPS on the top row to get POS/AINS.


This is correct. The cockpit setting affects only the visual display in the HUD, but you do want that to match the weapon behavior.

This is the best workaround for the CCIP issues currently plaguing the Hornet.

Also, command the AGR ground ranging radar by assigning TDC priority to the ATTK RDR format when in A-G mode and then Sensor Select (castle) forward short. The AGR ranging improves accuracy slightly as well.

Sorry for the double post - getting behind the jet, so to speak.


Dispersion of the Mk20 bomblets has been borked for years. Same for the CBU-52 that the F-5E released with. They dont spread since the height cant be adjusted correctly and do very little damage, if they actually hit anything.


My recent attempts in the Harrier have been inconsistent as well. Perhaps as mentioned above it’s a system-wide issue? My AI wingman doesn’t do much better than I but I figured they have some randomness in there (even on Ace level)

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I will add though that you can change the spread dramatically with different deployment setups.

Since the canisters burst at a preset height and the Mk20 lacks the rotation system of the CBU-87/97/103/105, your only variables are canister pitch at burst and speed.

If you drop from higher up, the can will be closer to vertical at burst leaving a small circle.

If you are lower, it will be more horizontal and spread further in width and length. Add speed for safety!

For a low run to work well, ditch CCIP and go with AUTO (CCRP). HUD designation is a bit sketchy, as the slew speed of the cursor on HUD is not the same as other displays, and is much more skittish. (Don’t recalibrate slew for the HUD, or your other displays will be a mess!) You can also run in with the ball & chain, line that up, depress the weapon release to generate an instant TGT point and release cue - hold until drop and then break away.

That is my preferred method for them now. Of course, include AGR as well.


@Wes Ok that matches with my recent Harrier observations. Thanks.

Allright, I just ran some quick testing using the “Weapons practice” Instant action run. Designating through the HUD does make a difference. Setting bomb VT to 1500 probably too. I managed to actually kill stuff with rockeyes, despite there being a slight wind. I took great care not to put any G on the jet at release and used auto mode.

HUD designation also makes putting the pod on the thing a lot easier. Why didn’t I think of that earlier!


Yea, this is best when already low and the target is easily visible.

Working a target on a road, under clouds, next to trees? Might be best to get the target via the pod first, then run in.

Yeah, use the HUD to put the pod on the right bit of road, then walk the pod onto the target, then use AUTO mode bombing to send a little democracy their way. This is the way.

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Another thing I forgot to add:

When making a low pass, rockeye or mk-82air, don’t forget to change the HUD altitude display switch to Radar. You care about AGL at the target, not AMSL at standard pressure or airfield pressure! Mostly a concern with Rockeyes, as that VT fuze is basically a radar altimeter itself.

Hilly terrain will be a bit problematic, but it is better than wondering why the bomb went off at the wrong height when it really was correct, and the barometric difference to AGL is the cause for error.


Ahhh. Guess that’s the downside in not having an IP yelling at me, or throwing things at the back of head to “emphasize” a point.

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