What are we hearing? (Cover songs)

Like many others posting our favorite music in the What are we sharing? -Mudspike plays topic, I also have a very strong interest in cover bands/musicians for the sake of creativity (and entertainment). Anything from simple drum and vocal covers and if you follow someone for a long enough time, it’s great to see their progression and rise to stardom.

Please share your favorite covers!


One of my long time favorites is Frog Leap Studios based in Norway. Leo Moracchioli “metals up” just about ANY song, and I mean ANY song. His videos have 10s of millions of views and has been featured on satellite radio in the U.S.A. Simply sort his uploads by most popular. He does it all, sings, guitar and drums. Literally a one man studio production team. His video antics are goofy as well.

It’s worth noting his production quality is TOP NOTCH. His sound is amazing. So clean and punchy.

His most popular video is Hello by Adele (with over 65 million views) and was played on the radio years back

One of my favorites (as a parent of 2 kids) is his take on Frozen’s - Let It Go

When it comes to guitar covers, Kfir Ochaion puts out quality electric and acoustic covers. "The guitar speaks."

Kfir’s complete list of acoustic covers

Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing - Guitar Cover by Kfir Ochaion

Guns N’ Roses - Don’t Cry - Acoustic Guitar Cover

Despacito - Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber - Electric Guitar Cover

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Numb - Linkin Park tribute to Chester (RIP). This one is emotional :sleepy:

Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (DRUM COVER by meytalll) Ok, now that I have your attention… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Such a delightful rabbit hole :smiley:


How have I not discovered PostModernJukeBox?!?! Thanks! Groovy and smooth, something to listen to at night while I relax by the fireplace.

And there’s no denying Amy’s voice!

This motherlover also knocks 'em out of the park one after the other:

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Arguably the mother of all rock and roll songs, Stairway to Heaven… and all the taboo that goes along with “covering” this song, especially playing it in a guitar store!

Heart with Jason Bonham. This may be the mother of all cover songs.

You know you have the original band’s seal of approval when you’ve got them in tears. You can just see the emotion in their eyes (especially Robert Plant), all the years writing, touring, the ups and downs.


Always hard to cover Ann’s vocals. Dang good job here.


Oh yeah, that’s a great cover for sure.


0:50 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: She was about to go gangster and poof… great piano cover though!

Whoops, wrong thread. Not a cover song…
Ballad Of Forty Dollars ~ Tom T.Hall


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WTG Chaz, by pure coincidence came on to post a good Led Zeppelin tune too.

Never did get to see LZ in real life, about 199? ish, did see Page and Plant on the Clarksdale tour, Jimmi did that amazing violin guitar thing and wore the Loon pants, near enough for Led Zeppelin for me :slight_smile:

Robert was in good voice, it was fun!


Right on. Saw Page and Plant in 1995 just before I went off to college. Amazing show, I remember it like it was yesterday. Led Zeppelin is timeless.


Early AC/DC, so raw, play this song often on guitar


Page, White, and The Edge cover In My Time of Dying. Guitar only, so of more interest to players. From the It Might Get Loud documentary. Bless my wife, she gave it to me on Blu-ray for my birthday.

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