What are you buying yourself for Father's Day?

I’ve not figured out something to gift myself. (Particularly since I just bought the M2000C and Nevada last week…)

I’m sure it will be a flight sim module or hardware of some sort. Are those new video cards on any kinds of father’s day sales at the moment? Now might be a good time to invest some cash in this rig of mine…


Well, Father’s Day in Germany was over a Month ago. We usually just get drunk.


Yeah, but that’s how I got into this situation in the first place… :wink:

The day is usually 50% me thinking, ‘well I should really get my Father something’ and the other part my kids tending to worry about the same. The circle of life right there…


im still thinking bout getting those 2 aswell … im just asking my self a 2 questions - 1. what the hell am i gonna do over nevada ? 2. the M2000 BVR is kinda suck allthough the mod is looking great …

i still didnt earn the Father title … (what the hell am i doin here ?) :stuck_out_tongue:

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None that you know about…just think of it that way…!


TIL I celebrate Father’s Day every week! :beers:


going with the flow … :zipper_mouth:

Got a cool gift from my wife this morning for Father’s Day - she had my name inscribed on the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum Wall of Honor at the Udvar-Hazy annex…

Of course…my first thought was…



I haven’t hit the purchase button yet, but Elite Dangerous and American Truck Simulator are on the top of my list. DCS: Gazelle is up there, too.

All this push-pull-collective talk and my stint in the AH-64 simulator makes me want a real collective setup, too, now: http://shop.c-tekflight.com/Collective-Controls_c3.htm

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Not because I WANTED one but I just bought a Lycoming fuel pump from Aircraft Spruce for $379. Installing it was a beeeeyatch. Flying without dousing oneself with avgas as the engine sputters is a Father’s Day gift all its own. (But the new PC has been delayed yet again.)

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Beach, we were just there!

What’s the first plane you see when you walk in? Amirite:)

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ordered $1k work of AR-15 ammo from bulkammo.com, seriously… need to keep stocked. :wink:


That’s awesome, Beach! I love that museum and will definitely look for your name the next I’m up there.

Did you go with “BeachAV8R”, or “Mr. Mudspike”?

Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth is how the inscription will read. Maybe I should sponsor a Mudspike one too!

I like the idea of a one written as [Removed] as that will get people talking. :slight_smile:

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Buying this one for myself for Father’s Day:

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Well, I’m not a Dad, but I didn’t let that stop me :grin: . In fact I have splurged recently… What with my new PC and Oculus Rift, then I purchased some prescription lenses for the Rift so that I don’t have to deal with wearing glasses while using the headset. Then the DCS sale compelled me to buy the L39 and M2000C. And then in a moment of pure self indulgence I just blew a bunch of hotel points on a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, which I have convinced myself that I really “need”. I’m a lost cause. I guess I will grow up next year…maybe (but probably not) :smile:


You’ll love that L-39. Can’t speak to the M2000C yet because I just bought it a few days ago and haven’t had a chance to try it out.

Enjoy the iPad too! My next big purchase is probably going to be a video card that can support VR, then perhaps a next gen VR at some point…

That’s the thing with VR, you need a beefy PC to run it. My trusty 2012 gaming laptop was woefully under spec for VR. I hope you at least get the chance to experience DCS with the Rift sometime soon. I’m still blown away with it. Future generations of the technology will only get better (and hopefully more affordable). VR is the future of desktop flight simulation IMHO.

When I get back home from this trip I am looking forward to getting to grips with the L39 and the M2000C.