What are you reading right now

I read through ‘A Small Stubborn Town’ last night. It’s a brief recount of the battle of Voznesensk by the BBC journalist Andrew Harding who visited the town shortly after the battle (I read through it in one evening).
Against all odds the Ukrainians managed to stop the Russian invaders at Voznesensk, ensuring that they couldn’t encircle Mykolaiv and advance further west towards Odesa.

It’s based on interviews and meetings he had with Ukrainians - civilians, volunteers, the mayor and professional soldiers who were witness to or took part in the battle for Voznesensk as Russians tried to find a way around Mykolaiv to get to Odesa.

Fairly light reading considering the subject at hand but some parts did send chills down my spine.
Still, a great example of Ukrainian resistance and ingenuity in the face of overwhelming odds.


Currently reading Apache by Ed Macy, after seeing a recommendation in a review for another pilot book.


Both “Apache” and “Hellfire” are good reads.

And if you want more Apache you could also read “Dressed to kill” by Charlotte Madison.


Just finished these two, same author.

Amazon.com: The Destroying Angel: The Rifle-Musket as the First Modern Infantry Weapon eBook : Gibbons, Brett: Kindle Store
Amazon.com: The English Cartridge: Pattern 1853 Rifle-Musket Ammunition eBook : Gibbons, Brett: Kindle Store

I have a huge interest in Victorian warfare, and Brett runs a very good youtube channel based on the tehcnology of warfare in that era that led me to his books.

Overall I would say his work is halfway between “history for the masses” and pure scholarship. He does an excellent job of keeping it interesting while still being well sourced and detailed. If you have an interest in the subject matter I can definitely recommend his work.

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