What do you want to see most in DCS World? Poll

Interesting ‘what feature would you like to see’ poll here at the ED forums:

The trick is to pick just one :smile:

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Easy! Dynamic campaign.

4th gen fighters are coming.
New theaters are coming
Different eras are coming
New helos are coming
ATC improvement are in the works.

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Obviously the best thing to do is use the ED forum link to go vote, but here’s my rationale on a Sunday morning (just about, thank you DST):smile:

4th generation, multirole fighters

I, like everyone else I think, is keen to see a F/A-18 of any form, but I’m in the curious spot of being in a backlog of aircraft to go learn. I can wait for this a bit. I also have more of an itch for ground pounding, and the A10C/Su25 helps me out here already. If I was more of a F15/Su27 guy then this would probably have got my vote.

Dynamic campaign system

I don’t think anyone knows what this really means, in that it’s become a catch-all phrase for ‘whatever you can dream you want’. There are branching, story campaigns already, so while I can see the appeal of the ‘strategy map’ view, with resource constraints, battle bubble etc, it’s not something I personally would vote #1. If it wins (and I predict it will) then that will allow the conversation to move on to more a ‘So what exactly is this thing?’ stage.

New combat theater maps

I cheat a little here and assume NTTR is coming anyway. The question I asked myself was, ‘Do I need Straits of Hormuz as soon as possible, i.e. my #1’. I think NTTR will keep me busy for a bit.

Improved multiplayer with dedicated server and online performance tracking

I don’t MP enough in DCS, but am trying to get into it more. I get stuck on not committing to the time it takes to do it properly. I appreciate it’s an important part of DCS though.

New and improved air traffic control system

I really like this one, in that when I did play SP, having a realistic ATC state machine would be something I’d love. I actually voted for this one, the least sexy of them all! :wink:

New and improved effects and audio and visuals

Would be nice, but I like the improvements in 1.5 already, and spend a lot of time staring at the cockpit/MFDs rather than outside.

More content in the form of missions and campaigns

I’m still behind on completing what is there!

Other. Please list in discussion

I’d like dev dollars spent on things like VR support, maybe in-engine cut-scene support for missions (more story telling) and things like better tutorials and new player support helpers (better Xbox One controller default bindings, a better controller bindings library centralized etc). Stuff that makes it easy for new players to get into DCS.

New helicopters, like attack helos

Apache would probably be my #1 here, but narrowly shaded by the ATC bits.

Older era aricraft from WWII to Vietnam

Would be great, but I’m not short of modules/content to learn. I have a preference for Vietnam era rather than WWII as I’ve spent a lot of time in that area already. I guess I just see DCS as more a ‘systems fidelity’ thing of which the war birds are simpler to fiddle with and the 60/70s were a systems skills test (re:MiG-21).

Good stuff @wagmatt - interesting to see the results. Obviously the results will have exactly 10% of the vote each :wink:


We have at least 3 4th Gen fighters coming. F-18, F-14, Typhoon. So that one didnt get my vote.

Dynamic Campaign, Honestly regardless of how it works anything would be great that could just generate a campaign. It would improve replayablity. IMO THis one got my vote.

New maps Like @fearlessfrog said. NTTR might be enough but I dont consider NTTR a Combat map. I would be happy with a expanded Black Sea region too. Third place in my book

ATC. This was a close second for me. I absolutely love the ATC in Falcon. Orbit here for spacing etc. Would kill for a great ATC system. As long as they incorporated the Overhead break.

Multiplayer. Im in the same boat as you @fearlessfrog I need to do it way more.

Improved audio and visuals, 2.0 should cover this.

New Helos. Poly chop has 2 helos up and coming.

Older era, As @fearlessfrog said Vietnam would be awesome. But only if Napalm and a Vietnam map was included. Oh and a surf board :wink:

As for other, More Russian aircraft.

The question obviously goes a bit beyond what is already in the pipeline and what is not. They are probably thinking about what to prioritize, that is, where to put their ressources, what ressorts get to hire or get some internal staff assigned.

I know. But I honestly think most pilots will keep flying. Just look at Falcon 4.0

I chose the Improved Multiplayer. I’d like to see a better Lobby where folks can chat and get organized. The old Hyperlobby did a good job with this, and we could launch a mission from it, too.


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As you are someone that designs lots of DCS MP missions in the editor, you don’t buy the idea that a dynamic campaign would be the way to go for this? I always see a lot of effort in the mission designs for MP and I was assuming a lot of the DCS MP guys were seeing the DC bits as a way to ‘automatically build MP missions’ easier? I don’t know how true that is (as in how fun those automatic mission packages would be) but that was my theory anyway :smile:

I went with the predictable “Dynamic Campaign System”. Why? Well, I honestly have enough “stuff” to fly in DCS World. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t kick the Hornet or Tomcat out of bed, but given the modules thus far that I still haven’t even gotten close to mastering, I have enough things to fly around. And generally speaking, I even have enough missions to fly between the single player single missions, campaigns, and multiplayer stuff. BUT - when I look back on some of my more engaging sim experiences, I do enjoy pushing the pins around the map and seeing progress that I know I had a hand in. I rather enjoyed being the “big fish in a small pond” of EECH, EF2K, and Total Air War. And while I did enjoy the Falcon 4 campaign, I never was really sure if I was making things happen or not - which is obviously more realistic.

I’ve written this a dozen times before - but I’d love to see all assets on the map from the get-go with intermittent supply, resupply, and damage repair. By that I mean, when the campaign kicks off, I want ALL red and blue airbases to be populated with finite supplies (weapons and airframes). I want to be able to wander the battlefield (if I can survive) and make a difference. If I bomb that hangar, I want there to be an airplane in there that is deducted from the enemies ability to sortie. Likewise, if I eject or crash, I want that airframe to be deducted from my side’s order of battle. The EECH ground unit node system wasn’t too great…so it’d be nice to see an improvement on that. But yeah, I like that whole RED/BLUE shading thing on the map.

That’s the short version. I could write pages…LOL…


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Single-player is only a way to adjust my controls :stuck_out_tongue:

For multiplayer, each side (Blue, Red) could have a Coalition Master and a resource pool of assets to deploy. A coalition could advance and bring in materials to establish new bases and move the FEBA, or capture airfields and gain more resources.

I’ve got two single- / multiplayer campaigns built, and it is a lot of work to go back and forth in the current ME to model things like battle damage. In one campaign (!S’paign) you can go back and forth across five missions (in multiplayer, missions auto-load) and battle damage would not work because you might be back at an airbase that you were at previously and could spawn into a bad slot. The other campaign (Toxocara’s F-86F Battle) is geared to go one direction, complete a mission before going to the next, and that has battle damage at the previous mission objectives, with the assumption those missions were successful.

Combined Arms does bring opportunity to the multiplayer side of an extended mission. Warehouses are a part of the engine and we’ll see where that goes. Looking forward to it.


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I like your reasoning @fearlessfrog but I had to go with Dynamic Campaign. I know how hard that task is, at almost any level of definition for that phrase but, honestly, it add so much more to the game that will bring people back again and again.

Second, would be the ATC system, without a doubt. More realism and functionality in that area would be welcome.

@wagmatt just one point for dynamic campaign … it has to be multiplayer compatible. :smile:


I also chose the Dynamic Campaign.

What he said…! And here’s a :cookie:


Yup, even now I would like to see co-op/MP campaigns.

Voting has closed. DCS was my choice too :slight_smile:

And to no ones surprise Dynamic Campaign System came in first with 37% 2nd was 4th gen fighter at 19%.

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closed fuuuh :sweat_smile: I was afraid that it will be opened for too long forcing me to vote :wink:

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