What flight sims can I play on an iMac desktop besides X-Plane?

2011 27" iMac, OS 10.13.6, 3.4GHz Intel Core i7,32 GB 1333MHz DDR3, ATI Radeon/AMD HD4850 512 MB500GB, 500GB internal upgrade to SSD, 2TB external G Tech HDD backup drive, & 1TB external Toshiba RD400 SSD.
I can’t use War Thunder anymore because no 10.15 Catalina OS or Metal.

Welcome to mudspike. Perhaps il2? I dunno, maybe dual boot a windows OS onto it?

Welcome, etc.

I am probably the most noticeable Mac-phile on the forum (well, at lest the most notorious). However, I use Apple/Macs for all my information technology needs other than flight simmng.

You highlighted the true crux of the matter when you mentioned Catalina OS. I have “lost” more apps than I like to iMac OS upgrades over the years. Windows upgrades don’t seem to break apps like that and if they do, Windows has ways of “simulating” older versions of itself.

…but my puling isn’t helping you.

I suggest you take a look at COG and/or Steam for sim apps that are Mac compatible. Cold Waters, a submarine sim, is available for Mac…there may be others.

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Until around 2015, I did everything with a mac. For sims I would bootcamp windows. The mac worked really well and the setup seemed to perform at an equivalent performance against pure windows machines running much more advanced GPUs. That was a different time. For sims, there is no practical alternative to a PC

There is a Mac version of KSP… well worth checking out if you are even slightly interested in space exploration.

Does “Surviving Mars” count as a sim?

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