What is the current best WW2 submarine sim?

I seem to remember Silent Hunter 5 not getting great reviews initially…is Silent Hunter 4 with mods still the superior product? The boys and I have been on a submarine movie kick lately…

I’m seeing some mentions of Wolfpack on SubSim.com


Sadly you not have a perfect ww2 sub sim they all have their bugs and issues, anyway if you really like the genre i recommend you these ones (all have their pros and unique things, also ignore some reviews because or old before patches or because without mod that fix many issues):
SH3 + GWX mod
SH5 + WoS mod

Do you recommend any mods for SH4? Asking because I’m also interested, since I’m still down a Warthog.

You clearly want room scale VR do you not? I’m not into subs enough to say what is best, but this is fun at least. Just wait till you drown, in VR!

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SH4 (if that is the WWII Kriegsmarine version) was pretty darn good.

Recommended book for your son: Up Periscope by Rob White (the movies with a young James Gardner was rather forgettable) Actually, Rob White did several WWII in the Pacific books for young adults - I think I somehow forgot to. return a copy of “Flight Deck” (about a Dauntless pilot) to the BHJHS library…I wonder how big that fine is by now…

that was SH3 and 5, I believe. 4 was US Navy in the Pacific, but there was a German expansion for warfare in the Indian Ocean I think it was.

SH4 have an official expansion that add a ww2 german sub on Indic ocean ops. Also exist some mods that expand it with more ww2 german subs and contents, what in my opinion is a bit mehhhh because trying to turn sh4, that is the only modern (in age of the simulator, not the theme) usa ww2 sub sim, into a ww2 german sub sim, were exist many many others good sims is a nonsense. SH4 is good because usa subs, if i want to go into german subs i have 4 other simulators on that genre/theme and more complete than sh4 + mods to pretend be a german ww2 sub sim.

SH4 without mods are more capable and a better sub sim than the others without mods, but anyway still exist some mods for it. Try this one:
(idk if its good because my sh4 is vanilla installation, contrary with other sims, like sh3/5, i not feel much a need for a sh4 modded).

You might want to check this game out. Kind of has a little bit of everything.

I may try Silent Hunter V: Wolves of Steel mod…


that one is the uboat sim that i mentioned in my list above, its a nice sim, but i will wait to start have fun with it when it will be fully released (out of ea).

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Yes, about the sh series, the sh5 + wos mod imho is the best on that series. Read carefully the instructions about using the campaigns triggering and change to avoid issues and the limitations. On the app for enabling features/mods, i recommend you the real navigation and enigma mods (all included on the WoS full mod).


Yup, my experience too.

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SH3 it is then. That was my favorite.