What is your primary DCS flight controller?

See poll here:

I know it but it always suprises me - people cant read with understanding!

" If not listed, please include in the comments. "

First answer :

" Warthog "


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Why not just do the poll here?

X56. Love it so far. Crosswind pedals. Worth every penny.

Because we are not the entire DCS community, I imagine :slight_smile:

I had to go to this link: What is your primary DCS flight controller? - Official Updates - ED Forums

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We could always rehost that poll over here :slight_smile: see how much we differ from the rest of the DCS folks! Since some of us probably own multiple, I’ll let you vote for each and everyone you got :slight_smile:

  • warthog HOTAS
  • Cougar HOTAS
  • T-Flight
  • T16000M
  • KG 12
  • T-50
  • CH Products fighter stick
  • X52
  • X55
  • X56
  • yoke (any)
  • FFB device (any)
  • other
  • Something epic made by @troll
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It’s a Baur BRD-N primary, with a ConTrollR Throttle, and a ConTrollR Radar stick…


Today I learned that almost no one uses the joystick I have.

“Something Epic made by @Troll.” Love it!


Cobra M5


Another Cobra user here.

surprising number of T-Flights

what about combinations … for example I use warthog throttle and x55 stick… just like to be akward :grin:

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VKB MCG with extension, Warthog throttle, Slaw RX Pedals. Also, Thrustmaster MFDs, Genovation ControlPad CP24, Razer Tartarus and a custom button/switch box.

Warthog for fixed wing; X-52 for helos

There an advantage with the X-52 and whirlybirds?

Probably more a disadvantage using the WH with them.

Back in the day, the 20th century that is, I had both a TM stick and a TM Pro stick with heavy springs. I used the latter one for the jet sims, while the lighter stick I used for props and helos.

Mostly it’s because of the centering force. With a jet I often could fly with the stick centered, but helos and props usually needed fore/aft pressure for level flight, and the heavy springs are a bear then.

I think so but its a personal preference thing.

I find most joystick controllers, to include the Warthog, seem a little to “stiff” when it comes to helos. I like something more fluid.

I did a little research on lined came up with the X-52. Some folks ave gone so far as to “pick off” the main song with binder clips so it has no neutral position…no constantly pushing against a joystick that wants to recenter itself, which is more how a real cyclic would work. Basically what @JediMaster said. However, I haven’t got that far. The spring centering tension isn’t that much. The Gazelle and Hip have a "trim"function that reinterprets the current stick post for the center position.

Plus the throttle can be held more like a collective…my hand is sort of 90º to holding a Warthog throttle.

I got it for the helos in FSX. It makes a big difference with Dodosim Bell 206, MILVIZ Hughes 500 and Aerosoft Huey…not quite as much difference but still better with my Nemeth and Cere Sim models.

It has its down side in DCS. Not all the buttons or axis are recognized…I would probably need to run their controller app. In FSX, FSUIPC recognizes everything so some more functionality than in DCS

Huh, my old X52 felt stiff as all get out, especially as it aged. When I upgraded to a CH setup, it was way better (Take On Helicopters and ArmA2/3).