What P3D / XP external moving map app are you using?

When I fly in X-Plane - I typically use x-IvAp which streams my current position to a web based map. This works OK for keeping track of my general position, but the update rate is not really super-fine.

In P3D - as long as I have Air Hauler open and running, I have a very limited functionality map showing, but you can’t pan it or zoom it (I don’t think).

I’m wondering if there is a single app/program that will connect to both X-Plane and P3D that will give a moving map, preferably with multiple map options (VFR sectional, IFR, and maybe Google maps), that will run in parallel with my sim. I am aware that ForeFlight has the option to connect to sims…but that would require a subscription to ForeFlight. I have ForeFlight at work on the iPads I fly with, but I haven’t subscribed on my personal iPad for years.

I’m wondering if perhaps “Plan-G” might be what I’m looking for. I’ll give it a whirl when I get home tonight…

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I have used PlanG in FSX for years and liked it.
Not too fancy but it worked for me.

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I have used this without trouble on a Windows system for many years.
Only one quirk, you may need to reselect the map library to one that does not need payment. The forums will help.

I use both Xplane and P3D so no worries so far

Building the initial database is time consuming but not too bad

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