What’s your favorite Wargame of all time?

I was listening to “A Serious Game” on Malcolm Gladwell’s “Revisionist History” today …

… so I thought I’d ask the experts (geeks)! :wink: From Risk to Command & Conquer to whatever … what’s your favorite Wargame of all time?

Tableboard or on PC?

Command and conquer 1 and red alert 2. I love both

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Eugen’s Wargame series. With CMANO as a close second.

Eugen’s wargame is overwhelming. And that’s what makes it so great. You can not micromanage everything, but everything screams for micromanagement. Your attention is the critical resource, and allocating it correctly is where you win or lose the game. I love this, it feels real to me.

CMANO is like an active, playable version of a modern database of millitary machinery. It’s UI is an acquired taste, but stick with it, as the rewards are insights you can not gain any other way. Why is the F-35 any good? This will answer that. What good are those piddly frigates? Find out. How would an Iowa battlewagon fare against the 1950s Soviet navy? Go ahead and run the scenario.


ARMA 3, which only barely beats the original Operation Flashpoint.


Risk board game and OFP for PC


and all John Tiller series, Harpoon series, CMO, Combat Mission Series …

In tableboard exist some jewels, to only mention a few:
LnL World at War
B29 Superfortress/Hell in Korea and Picket Duty
The Hunters+Silent Victory
DvG Leader series
GMT Panzer + MBT
Compass Games Steel Wolfes+Silent War
Decision Games DDay series
GMT Enemy Coast Ahead
Wings of War
Ardennes the battle of the bulge 1944
Conflict of Hearoes
Twilight Struggle+Labyrinth

Exist more, but i not want this list so long…

C&C: Tiberian Sun

and it can still be played online, need to try it again

I could never get into tiberian sun. It’s my least favourite command and conquer game before 4

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Same here. I grew up on Red Alert and later RA2, and then played CnC. Bought the whole pack, but could never get into the TB series. It just wasn’t the same campy style and game play.

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The first c and C will always and forever be my favorite game. I love the style, setting and units. It’s most believable of all of them and it still plays well regardless of its limitations. But the best game by far is RA2. It’s just bloody fantastic. US paratroopers were a force of nature when they got promoted. God I love that.

I need to get a copy of It. I have all of the rest of the series from 1-4, generals and all the red alerts apart from 2. I lost my copy. Gutted

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I vote for Jagged Alliance 2, it was fun vanilla and been modded extensively.


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