What streaming devices you guys using in 2021?

My older 60" 4K Smart TV’s have crappy WIFI comms (even 5Ghz!) so I picked up a Roku Premier off Amazon for $44. Love it so far. I thought to myself, “Why buy another dumb Chromecast Ultra for $90 when all it can do is cast?”.

I don’t even have a TV, it died three years ago and I never got a new one.

My family and I watch Amazon Prime on a 10 year old 27" poor contrast 1080p all-in-one PC running Win7 that I just connected via an ethernet cable.

Probably missing out on a few details. :smiley:

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I have a lot of Amazon Fire sticks, cheap and reliable.
I also have it built into a couple of TVs, a Samsung (Tizen) and a TCL (Roku). They work fine too.

I had a Roku box before, but I found the box and cable thing a bigger hassle than the Fire stick dongle design.

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