What VR handcontrollers should I get..?

The headset I have ordered need basestations for position control.
I have been spoiled by the simplicity of the inside out tracking of the Rift S and the Reverb G2, so this is uncharted territory for me.
I need hand controllers that are compatible with Valve basestations, but which ones?
Any particular controllers I should avoid?

Only what you can use with those basestations is orginal vive controllers (not good )
or index controllers (great )


So those are really my only options…
I thought I must be missing something when I googled it.

I haven’t used any of these controllers.
What makes the Vive controllers so bad, and why are the Index controllers great?
I’m not going to use them for room scale VR. Only sitting down simulation and really mostly menu browsing.
The Index controllers look so big and cumbersome…

So, what do you WANT to hear? :smiley:

I’ve used both, but don’t own them, so for what it’s worth - the Index ‘knuckles’ controllers are worth the extra difference in money, no question.

You’re getting a Varjo VR headset and saving money on the hand controllers would be like putting 87 octane gasoline into your new Lamborghini Huracan to watch expenses. It’s too late for that. :slight_smile:

Besides, what if a flight sim comes out and supports the Index’s finger tracking and then you need to get rid of the cheap HTC Vive controllers etc?


It’s only money so get best controllers. :slight_smile:

Just want to know about my options and some pro’s and cons from simmers.

It’s not that. Over here they are about the same price. I just think the Index controllers look clumsy. Are they? I mean, being strapped to the hand and that big arc. Can you just pick them up like the G2 controllers and point and click something, or is it a two hand op to put them on first? The Vive controllers look much smaller and simpler.

What’s this? Is it finger tracking like the Rift CV1 controllers? Let go of the button and your finger is pointing?

LOOK: Valve Index controllers handling slow finger movements - YouTube

And my last word, do not buy orginal vive controllers.

Get latest and best , you will thank us later :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I would’ve liked to know more about why :slight_smile:
Why are they bad? Do they break? Is the tracking bad?
All I know is what I can gather from looking at pictures and as such, the Vive controllers seems to be easier to just pick up and use, over the Index controllers. Am I wrong in this assumption?

Now, that finger tracking looks cool. But I’m not too keen on using hand controllers when using a HOTAS, so I’m not sure this is a plus for me. How do you use the finger tracking?

I think you could just remove the straps on the Index controllers. I’ll check later, after work.
I don’t think they are particularly clumsy, but then again, I never use them in the pit. Never did with the Oculus controllers either, as I find just using the mouse, to be all around easier.
Any specific things you want to know about them?

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My G1 controllers are the thing I dislike most about it. Compared to my cv1 controllers, they are HUGE! but at least they hold 2 batteries in their defence

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Yeah, maybe they are just needed when using the finger tracking, as you have to let go of the controller, so to speak?

Me neither. This is why I don’t think I need the newer features of the Index controllers. But as they are almost equal in price, I need to decide between them, somehow.

Same here. A trackball and PointCtrl works better in DCS than a VR controller, IMO. Especially since I use HOTAS controllers.

Battery life? Do they have charging stations or is it a micro USB contact?
Have you tried the Vive controllers and care to compare a little?

Looking at the Norwegian webshops, there seems to be two different Vive Controllers, 1,5 and 2.0.
Anybody tried both?
What are the differences?


I’m doing my own kind of research into this, and one thing that is a factor in my deranged DIY mind is the after market following a peripheral has.
So I search the web for DIY adaptions and came across this.
Using a magnetic ball to lock the controller in as a flightstick! Clever!

Found this talking head video. Not the focus I was looking for, but that’s why I turned to you guys, to get a simmers perspective.
One thing this video showed me was that the Vive controllers are much bigger than I thought. They are also heavier than the Index controllers.
It also answered my question of battery life.

Yeah, the CV1 controllers are nice. A little hard to just pick up, when in VR because of having to almost thread your hand into that ring. But once on, they worked great.

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I think these are the best :slight_smile: https://pointctrl.com/
I think it enables you to control all avionics, push buttons/adjust knobs without moving the hands from the Hotas handles…
Will buy myself a HTC Vive 2 pro kit with pointctrl…

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I have the first version and they are great for cockpit interaction in DCS.
But I still need VR controllers for VR apps that doesn’t support a mouse pointer.

No, I’ve only had Oculus controllers, and while Index controllers are a bit larger, they don’t really feel more clumsy or restricting. I quite like them, but they do feel a bit less solid, than the tank like feel of CV1 controllers.
Also, there’s quite a lot of stories on the web, about the joystick giving up the ghost, especially if the stick click function is being used a lot. Haven’t had any problems with mine though, but then again, I haven’t used them all that much, so…

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