What we hearing? - Mudspike plays (2020)

Hits home. I’m in the Ed Fitz’ old stomping grounds.

The game seems like a love letter to power metal:

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Here’s a nice cover


another cover. just listen to Sarah Jarosz’s vocals, wow


You’ve been to Merlefest, right? They’re all pretty much staples every year up there.

i saw a gif of this posted by @Troll so thought i might as well post the classic Swedish chef does popcorn


The Muppets “Mahna Mahna”



“Mahna Mahna” and the Swedish cook are still my favourite Muppets sketches…
I become a kid again when I watch the Muppets, such a wonderful time. ^-^

EDIT: Ah also this is 1000% precious!


I got an MP3 of the Mahna mahna song off an old CD over 20 years ago and still play it on occasion.


Didn’t Kenny Everett use it on his shows? Might have been someone else - definitely a comedy show, though.

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For me it has to be anything with beaker and dr Bunsen :grinning:


OMFG Iconic, third best version of Bohemian Rhapsody after the original and …
well this :arrow_down:

Muppets and drums made me think about this kids show performance:


Oh yeah I stumbled upon that guy before and he’s quite literally a god.

IIRC he played for Baby Metal too?

It’s amazing how musical perceptions change over the years, as we get older. In my teens I just couldn’t stand this tune but recently when playing some of my oldie cassettes it came on and I just haven’t been able to stop singing it to myself since…

To be fair, I didn’t care for a great deal of 80s music in the 80s. I was more into 60s and early 70s then. It wasn’t until the late 90s that I got an appreciation for what it was and had done.

That and after the good 90s stuff, the stuff that was coming out in the early 21st century was totally leaving me flat. Now in the last few years the music labels have been buying out catalogs and embracing remixes and covers of older songs. So I hear something and I think “What…?” and it’s some Elton John song redone with another artist in it…so yeah, of course it’s pretty good!

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Tina Turner, who sang several important songs in the soundtrack of my youth, is no more. :cry:

Rest in peace!


RIP Tina. If I had a dollar for everytime I did the ‘Nutbush’ on the dance floor of the Burvale Inn.


I have to agree, all the music from the 80’s that I liked was coming (primarily) from artists and bands that made it in the 70’s (Bowie, The Pixies, The Ramones, etc).

I can’t understand the nostalgia some people have for the 80’s. All I can remember is the tragic fashion and endless production line pop songs… Even Kylie (Minogue) didn’t get good until the 90’s and after she had dated Michael Hutchence for a while. INXS being one of the few really good bands to emerge in the 80’s.

Edit: As my good wife just pointed out. INXS originally formed in the 70’s… figures :stuck_out_tongue:

For me the 60’s and 70’s were the best music. 80’s was okay from about 81 to 85/6 for me. Of course there’s the odd exception, but mainly lots of “erm, no thanks”. I’m talking about bands and singers like Genesis/Phil Collins, Robert Plant, Robert Palmer, Peter Gabriel and the like.

In the early 80’s I was something of a headbanger - had a couple of right nutty mates and we used to go round the clubs with our air guitars nutting everyone! Awesome time.
I got second wind in 1993/4 and started going to discos 3 times a week to strut my funky stuff to techno techno techno. All my spare cash went on hitting the nightclubs, which I rarely did as a teenager - was catching up on what I’d missed! :grin: