What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


Listening to The Ocean’s ‘Pelagial’ album again. It’s so damn good.

It’s a concept album so you kinda have to listen it in one go, like Pink Floyd, as songs follow each other seamlessly.

Second track of the album:


Oh man this reminds me of a weird story. Hopefully it’s okay to post this story but hell, I’ll just go with it.

The company I work for produces audioequipment (not gonna be more specific). Shortly before she died her sound tech ordered a couple of our products, we ship them to a studio in the UK and email the invoice as usual.
The next day her death is all over the news and we never hear from them again and of course we didn’t receive any payment. My boss was debating whether he should inquire about the whereabouts of our devices for a couple of days but ultimately decided not to follow up on it.

So wherever our equipment ended up, I hope it found a new home and is put to good use.


How many degrees of separation between anyone are there?
Shame she couldn’t control her demons. Such a talent.



America - “A horse with no name”




Music is great but she’s a true jewel. OMG.
I might have seriously developed a crush… :blush:



Tis the season


Haven’t listened to it since my teens. Partly responsible for the Christmas post, too…



Good one piper. :sunglasses:



Mr. Mister - “Broken Wings”



'Tis the season to check your fallout shelter.


Not for EVE but the combo of the poem and the music…


While we’re on the topic…


In honor of that student I mentioned here…

I’ll finish the story here. She eventually got her commercial license, and finally was accepted for an airline FO job. She lasted six months, and was shed of the job on disciplinary grounds. Like yours truly did early on, she came up in the Dangerous Attitudes tests as Anti-Authority during her PPL. Her problem was she could not take measures to curb it, or apply my solution, which was to take the stance of working for it, in recognition of it being an issue.

Last I knew, a couple of years ago, she had taken a crop dusting course. It would be right up her street, I only hope she does not hurt herself.


White Christmas



Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer