What we hearing? - Mudspike plays


The obvious thread that is missing, what you listening to right now?

Been listening to my song of the year 2013, Arctic Monkeys with Do I wanna know. Damn that guitar line.

Show me what you’ve got!


Alcest - Oiseaux de Proie, from the forthcoming album Kodama. Great tune, Alcest and vocalist Neige are in top form on this.


One of my all time favourites, Harlequin Forest by Opeth live at the Royal Albwert Hall:


Been stuck in my head the last few days.


You can’t go wrong with the Dropkick Murphy’s!

OPETH sounds great, didn’t know about them!


As a matter of fact you can, but that’s a story for a different thread.



These have been in high rotation last couple days.

Cookin’ on 3 Burners - This Girl

The Shins - The Rifle’s Spiral


Me neither and I don’t consider myself a death metal fan in any way. But I liked that a lot. The melodic crunch was very Alice in Chains.


Did we get kicked out of the same Irish Pub on St. Paddy’s Day?


Got these guys in my ear while I’m working. They’re coming to town in a couple of weeks, and a couple friends of mine are going to be dancing in the stage show:


Been wanting to catch these guys live for a while now, but have misconnected. Looks like the nearest in Oct is Asheville.


The Orange Peel is one of my favorite venues. You should totally go!


Yeah, been meaning to check out a couple of breweries up there as well. Oh the debauchery that might result! Wait, that was my previous life. Would need to take my wife this time <- not necessarily a bad thing.


Been on an 80’s kick recently… rock on, Mudspike :stuck_out_tongue:


There was this one…

…but I think this one takes the music crown by default. :musical_score: :guitar:


I’m flying out to Portlandia this week. So in honor of that I thought I’d throw up a medley of the regional music I’ll be listening to.


Well, I’m not LISTENING to them now, cuz work, but I’m wishing I was listening to some STP.


Hoorah! This kinda exploded for now, I expected at most one or two replies a day! I’ll need some time to catch up ;).

This got recommended to me by a blues lover from Slovenia:



I’m an odd one as far as my taste (or lack thereof) in music. I’m going to see Korn here in Charlotte in a couple weeks though…