What's behind the decision to end video game convention E3

End of an era…

Now that’s really a shame. I only went once, to cover the 2010 expo for @guod and SimHQ. We had a pretty big team that year, maybe 7 of us, but Doug organized it all and and kept the pressure on to deliver daily content. It was great meeting and working with everyone, putting faces to callsigns, and observe team members for whom it was obviously not their first rodeo. In one of my more cringeable rookie moments, I found myself giving Jason Williams a Rise of Flight video interview. It was my first one, unexpected, and therefore was totally unprepared. It found its way to YouTube, but really, I’d like to forget that it happened. Such is a reporter’s lot in life. We were creators before we knew what they were LOL. Thanks Doug!

If anyone cares for a gaming flashback, the report is still online. Highlights: the TM Warthog reveal, interview with former MSFS team leads, interview with Saitek / MadCatz senior managers, 777 Studios Jason Williams interview, Codemasters interview, meeting with Fanatec founder.


I always wanted to go, it seemed like a techie paradise. Now of course, I’ll never have the chance.

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Never went to any big ones, but we used to have lots of computer fairs in the county and neighbouring ones. Last one I went to was Donington (in the conference centre by the race track) about 11 years ago.

I really miss those. Used to be many auctions, too, and I picked up Amiga and Spectrum kit really cheap in those, as people cleaned out their attics, sheds and cellars and came across their old tech stashes.
They’re all gone, too.

As have all the PC shops in town. There is a GAME shop, but it’s 90% console and 10% used PC games. A mate of mine owned a PC shop, too - got all my hardware at mate’s rates back then in the heydays of SoundBlasters and 3Dfx right through to GeForce. Long since closed and gone home to Sheffield. Don’t have a single friend into PC stuff now. That’s why I waffle so much on the internet! :smile:


I remember the news reports: the show was big and prestigious enough that it was widely covered. I would see all the booths and the visiting throngs and vendors eagerly showing off the latest upcoming whatzis.

Like a high class car show for electronics, and every company that wasnt dying a horrible financial death felt the pull to be there and be seen.

I hope some equivalent will arise, but who knows?

I’d imagine one will, eventually. Watch Geoff Keighley headline it, too.