When something you sorta really want is on Craigslist..but 300 miles away...

Can’t you hire someone with a C-185F to either take you there or go pick it up for you?


Actually - a Beaver could do it…! This is the item I covet…

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And it’s funny you say that. You know how when you’ve been playing too much of something (Arma, Doom, Scrabble) you start to think about it alot. I’m driving down the road today on my way home from the grocery store, and I see the grass median that is about 600’ long and I think to myself…“I think I could get my 185F in there…”

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I like it. Although I view canoes as the vehicle of marital strife and kayaks the answer, I say - Get in the car Beach.

Although I bet you are on call or you would already be on the way…

Ya! It’s just a canoe Beach! Why is this one special? Did you have a brief but torrid affair with it before you got married?

Oh, she’s a beauty! Which direction? Surely that canoe could justify a road trip and test paddle…

LOL…no, I actually married one that wants to get IN the canoe with me…!

We actually have about five kayaks of various types. But we are taking us two and two kids on a trip and the paddle distance might actually be helpful to have a canoe that I can switch the boys in and out of. Plus…the gear hauling capacity.

I’m off…but 400 miles one way…means 800 round trip…means a wasted weekend when I could (errr…am…) be drinking…

I’ve agonized over it. So the long and short of it - aluminum canoes - light, cheap, practically indestructible but they ding easy and can get super hot to the touch in the sun. Poly canoe - can be heavy, deform but then usually snap back, don’t get hot to the touch, and are getting to be more popular…but they suffer from UV damage over the years if you aren’t ultra careful with storage.

The Meyers/Radisson canoe is kinda cool because it has foam on the bottom, so the aluminum canoe isn’t as loud, isn’t as hot, and isn’t as cold in frigid temps. Great load carrying capacity, unsinkable with the foam sides, and overall aesthetically pleasing (much like myself). Unfortunately, they are mostly a Canadian/Wisconsin product and they don’t often find their way down south of Pennsylvania. So finding a used one is tough.

So there ya’ have it…

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Unfortunately about 4 hours + 20 minutes down to a backwater north of Atlanta with no easy roads to get there…and I only have 48 hours off, and tomorrow is my wife’s birthday…so…there’s that…LOL. If I could strap it to my King Air wing, I’d find a way to make a fuel stop there…

48 hrs is more then enough, that sounds like a roadtrip as a birthday gift! :wink:

Heck, if you both like it, why not?!


Well dang. And here I’m flying to Atlanta for work tomorrow morning.

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Would you like to paddle home?

Let me research the checked bag fee for a 14’, 65 lb. bag…(probably won’t fit in the overhead, but if you try, I’ll throw in an extra $200)…

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Client is paying for the trip. If I get the rep drunk enough… :wink:

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Looks a beaut. I have a wenonah which has served me well for over 10 years they make Kevlar ones now which is lighter than aluminium if you miss out on that one :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve been eyeing a Wenonah (Kevlar) that is local to me. At about $1000, it isn’t that much more expensive and is worth a look for the durability and lightness for sure.


Wow that’s light. I’ve got a four year old daughter who at 44 lbs (same weight as a box of hops), is probably more of a handful.

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