Where do you get your reaction gifs from?

One thing I love about the Mudspike forums, aside from the subject matter and the awesome community, are the reaction gifs.

I dunno what it is but the ones that get posted around here just crack me up. And… I’ve no idea where you get them from. I dig around of giphy.com from time to time but seldom find ones that rank up there with the stuff some of you guys liberally sprinkle around the place, seemingly effortlessly.

So how about sharing some tips on sourcing good reaction gifs…?

I’m a computer person that consumes way too much media and went to school during the meme-splosion around the turn of the decade. Generally anything I post I either remember from school, or I’ve found in some comment thread somewhere on around the net (mostly reddit).

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Let me guess…


“Classified”… suuure

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…or basically just stuff I sort of remember seeing and then google image search it.

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(At least I’m getting some practice!)

I didn’t have this in gif form…

My reaction to this thread…

You before this thread

You after this thread

Honestly I just google the concept I am trying to convey and let the search page roll with it.


What’s fascinating to me, and I hope this is not too far off topic, is how content and just simple bits on television or movies is now aimed at being a Gif. The act “in the moment” is fine and that’s great. But it’s half life on the internet…that’s the thing.

Colbert will talk to the audience at home on any given night. But this will live forever on the internet…

…or at least three months anyway.

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Just pipe gif into your favorite search engine and go looking!

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Heh yeah that’s what I’ve done in the past. I was curious whether there were any useful tricks or other sites to search that helped shortcut the process, and turned up less junk. But apparently not…

Nope, I just put gif + whatever search term I’m looking for and roll with it. Unless I already know what I’m looking for, then I’ll get more specific.

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This. Google search engine is suspiciously smart with it…


I did one or two myself. Pretty easy actually. There are web tools for it.

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