Where is your virtual home?

So I still spend a lot of time at KMUD (my custom X-Plane base southeast of Las Vegas), but since I can’t really create scenery for FSX/P3D, I have to go with what is either default, commercially available, or freeware. I spent this week sort of looking around for a good flight test type airport. I wanted something on the west coast of the U.S. because I have ORBX regions that run from Southern California to Alaska. I also wanted something that was frame-rate friendly, so the obvious choice was something off the coast.

After doing some research - I’m tentatively settling on the scenery area that encompasses San Nicolas Island (KNSI), San Clemente Island (KNUC), and Catalina (KAVX). The first two are military bases (ORBX default + freeware mesh) with long runways, while KAVX (Aerosoft) is short, but will work for most light GA aircraft. Being mostly ocean around, they are FPS friendly, and I can spawn carriers when I need to. They have ILS / RNAV / and TACAN (VOR) approaches, so that covers that part. The only thing I’m missing is a super convenient target range - but in a pinch I installed some freeware tiles for the Fallon area that have target ranges there.

Bringing in the first load of Mudspike supplies to San Nicolas on the C-27J…

The field sits on a bit of a plateau - not good to be short or long, but the runway is 10,000’ long - so there should never be a reason to have a problem here. This field will be good for even the largest aircraft (military and civil)…

Taxiing in…

Unloading the beer and offroad vehicles to get to the beach…

Taking a quick jaunt over to San Clemente Island in the Metroliner…

Shooting the VOR approach for some practice…

After finishing the Metroliner VOR approach - it’s back over to San Nicolas with the rest of the beer supply. It’s gonna be a great summer…

The A400M is one of my favorite P3D planes…

Aerosoft has some really nice freeware Catalina Island scenery. The runway is pretty short there (3,000’) so you’d better know your aircraft capability there!

Over at Fallon NAS - there is a nice freeware package of orthos and range objects for all of the ranges / restricted areas around the airfield…

So these might end up being my playground for testing for FSX/P3D…

I’m curious where you guys like to do your “testing”…?


For FSX and the tubes (mainly the Aerosoft A319/318 recently) I like CYLW Kelowna. It’s got an interesting geography for IFR and is just about long enough for a proper flight to CYVR without too long a cruise. The Airbus really need a full end to end flight for the checklist system to work and it’s just a route I enjoy.

For X-Plane 11 I like San Diego KSAN, as that coast has such nice MisterX airports and high def mesh, plus it’s a fun approach over Balboa Park. Hops to PHX, SFO or LAX work well.

For DCS, Batumi :slight_smile: or Creech on NTTR.


CYYZ for heavy, CYKZ for civvy, and CYTZ for regional.

I’m not exactly the most adventurous type. :grin:



And then there are aircraft carriers of course! Goddammit! Why do I feel like I just got checkmated? Goddam sexy Tomcats.

I’ve been “rebuilding” the Blairstown, NJ (1N7) that I made for X-Plane 10 a few years ago. My rampstart is right in front of my real hangar. It’s a trip. Pictures will need to wait because I am not at my computer. I will say though that it is very convincing to me, especially with the much better high-res mesh.

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TIST/TISX with sometimes one of the islands around there up to Haiti, this is for X-plane/FSX. In DCS it’s Gelezdnik, or KMUD :wink:

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Batumi FTW :slight_smile: Nice write up Beach, makes me think I should do more with X Plane and MSFS

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I haven’t flown XPlane 10 or 11 in a long time but when I do I love the iconic KCGX Meigs Field.What used to be The Aviation Jewel in my Hometown of Chicago.

In DCS You got to Love the Clocked Secrecy and Mystic of Groom Lake/Area 51…and having a Dry Lake bed runway that’s as long as a Nebraska highway comes in handy when you loose your Hydraulics and Brakes :grin:

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Good choice…! ILS, RNAV, and even an NDB approach!

I’ll have to try that one out. Is San Diego the one that has the short approach over the parking garage or am I thinking of another airport? Faint memory of something about that.

I couldn’t possibly count the hours I spent flying out of Meigs as a kid on Sublogic FSII and other versions of Flight Simulator. Hate that I never made it in there in real life.

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OK - it WAS San Diego that I was remembering. I think this is a picture (screen of LatinVFR’s SAN scenery for FSX/P3D) shows the parking deck. The height means the runway 27 is displaced quite a distance…still leaving 7,591’ of the 9,401’ distance…


The Shinrarta Dezra system. Orbital station “Jameson Memorial”


Blairstown is still a work in progress. That said, I really feel at home here.

This is the amazing DreamFoil Bell 407 updated for XP11. I’ve only just started playing with it today but cannot heap enough praise on their work so far.

And since the real N127A lives here, the scene wouldn’t be complete without a Pitts. Alabeo’s S-2S works with XP11 but was made for version 9 or 10.


I love flying into San Diego. It is a beautiful, modern airport. You get in and out quick. The controllers are nice. The terminal art alone is worth the visit and SoCal on departure is gorgeous. I can’t tell if they painted the monkey mural on the parking garage but if they didn’t, that’s a huge oversight.

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For FSX its the default Friday Harbor, mostly because its default when I’m testing things but also its got several great little island hops around it. Plus NAS Whidbey Island nearby.

For DCS it’s usually Batumi just cause it’s easy, plus the airshow there :wink:


For FSX, my home is KFTW, Meacham Field. Right down the street from my childhood home.

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@Andrew116, Friday Harbor is great. I’ve got an Air Hauler base over at Skagit and like to pop in to KFHR once in a while. Great bunch of Orbx goodness around there.