While looking for some C64 software , I unearthed this long forgotten little gem

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Near perfect condition with disc and ever little item that it originally came with , like maps , cadet quick start, registration forms and on and on.

Seriously can not even tell you how long i have owned it, but decades have past for sure.


Mine is sitting proudly in my bookshelf! :slight_smile:


Yeah, this will earn a space of High Import here at my house too , akin to the 100 year old bible my grandfather had as a boy that was left to me , or My 1st edition original Red Leather sleeve and cover Red Book of Westmarch ( Lord of the Rings) . I knew I had 3.0 still , though its trashed by comparison.

Man you have not lived till you fired up Falcon 3.0 on your 286 with 4 megs RAM and a 512 KB video card too ! Took 3 minutes for the Canopy to close in the opening Video that played when you booted it up ! :hugs:

lol finding this made me smile, these games reach back to my freshman year of College and my first actual INTEL Pent based PC. Thank You Mr. Pell grant :stuck_out_tongue: , and Mrs. Scholarship awards :slight_smile:

Peace :slight_smile:


Never did that.
But a friend ran F3 on his 386. And I remember when we got 486 DX66 PC:s at work…!


You had to know how to edit the autoexec.bat and config.sys, in those days. :laughing:


Amazing find.

I remember being naive enough back then to think I could (along with 2 other guys) write the ‘ultimate’ combat flight sim in the early 90’s. I learned a lot. How 1) it was extremely complicated; 2) took a LONG time [see #1]; and I’d have to quit my day job to ever hope of completing it [see #2] .

Then Falcon 4 came out and I/we were like, "dang it, they’ve done what we wanted to do, dynamic campaign being the big thing – you’re just one pixel in the big picture approach. And so forth.

It [F4] was a mess; you had to be hardcore to keep at it.


The manual that cannot be discarded -


I’ve posted some pictures on other threads but I’m a real fan of printing and laminating my checklist and manuals that are digital only. I would love to have one of those beautiful falcon 4.0 binders to put my stuff in.
I currently have a battered old binder I pinched from work and its BULGING!

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@Victork2 https://www.abebooks.com/9781558845688/Falcon-4.0-Binder-Edition-Unknown-1558845682/plp

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Yeah…your like totally my favourite new member here :wink:

Nice one @JunkYardDog :+1::+1:


loL , I bet you say that to all the new people :stuck_out_tongue: … You are welcome my friend. Hope you can find one that suits your wants and needs :slight_smile:


This thread needs more atmosphere…crank it up!


Hey just in case, I’m looking for a million euros…
Just in case you manage to stumble on a 12 bucks deal for it. :wink:


Lol that made me properly chuckle

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I’ll be here the rest of the week!
Don’t forget to buy the VHS and a t-shirt!
See you tomorrow night folks!

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Good memories!

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