Who else has gone strictly (Mostly?) VR over the last three years? What Hardware?

Hey Everyone.

 Long time lurker here but most especially on the site where most of the old-timers HERE came from. 'Nuff 'bout that, I want to know how many of us have not only taken the VR plunge but have been users for a few years.  I've had one since Rift went CV1 and after the fiasco around the launch of the Reverb from HP earlier I just bought a Sammy Odyssey+ so I consider myself "seasoned" but who else has been doing this for a while? And what if any upgrades have you done and what were your thoughts about those?

 My initial setup was on a I7 4790K with a 1080 running Oculus CV1 but I am currently on an HP Omen I7 8700k with a 1080ti running Odyssey+ with "generally" 1.3 SS through Steam VR settings. I miss a few things from my Rift but after the S specs released I just couldn't see the extra coin for what amounts to a re-badged Lenovo from where I'm standing. I realize it is a LOT more than that but for the 250.00 I paid for the Odyssey+ it was a definite upgrade as it has similar display specs to the Vive Pro for a LOT less coin.  Also, the anti-SDE gimmick of Sammy's works a treat for me and with its' lowered hardware requirements (Windows Mixed Reality) I can generally crank up the supersampling in place of anti-aliasing and get better frames. 

 I realize that VR is not only a bit polarizing- it is NOT to everyone's taste or abilities financially or aesthetically and for that I am grateful as choices in gaming can only be a good thing. 

But for me at any rate IL-2 Stalingrad and the 109 were the deciding factors.

 I like to think I have every combat flight sim made since CFS 1, at least that were widely available here in America. And in ALL of those, ALL the hours I spent "trying" to learn that particular airframe I never could. I could learn pieces of it and I had a ton of technical type knowledge, but the "gestalt" of it if you will eluded me and I was unable to fly and fight in that aircraft. All that changed the first time I took it up in VR in IL-2 BoS - the plane finally "came alive" for me and I could understand it's relative strengths and weakness' in a wholly new and intuitive manner. In fact so well that I can't think of a single time I've augered in from getting outside its' flight envelope- something I would routinely do before- even in the same sim!

 But what are your experiences with it?  VR that is, not strictly IL-2 or even flight sims in general. I think that for any of us that have helped fund the PC hardware that we currently have THIS is the natural outcome. The feeling of driving the langheck Porsche at LeMans in '71, the chance to ride along on the Apollo missions I watched as a boy, the chance to fly with my dead Father in his beloved Cherokee and make another Portland to Eugene Hamburger run in P3D or XP11, even the chance to "pre-run" Portland International Raceway in my own car- these are the places where VR goes above another peripheral.

I have literally thousands sunk into FSX improvements alone over the years by way of hardware and add on purchases- this PALES in comparison and it delivers on more than one front- who amongst us VRHeads has NOT sank MORE hours into Skyrim in VR? My hours there DWARF my hours in pancake! Additionally where I used to “cheat” with various aids in FSX I have been driven to turn off the aids by VR as the things that Dad taught me way back when in '77 work GREAT in VR! Things like trimming the aircraft for level flight are SO much easier to grasp when it’s like it is in real life, a glance out the window to check your plane’s wing attitude in relation to the earth.

 Closure rates for the 109- I remember my frustration at trying to implement Eric 'Bubi' Hartmann's advice -"wait until he fills your windscreen" to try to fight in the 109 in the original IL-2 would inevitably lead to a collision. GONE the minute I was engaged in VR. I was turning, climbing, descending, all while keeping my engine managed AND my enemy in focus- things I found almost impossible as an aging 55 year old to do in pancake became almost routine in their fluidity and my new-found respect not only for the 109 but for those men who flew her into combat. No wonder Galland called it his favorite- for her time she was an energy fighter extraordinaire with few defects in relation to her foes. 

But enough VR love letter to former Soviet video game developers who keep the fires alive for big ww2 action- what are everyone else’s experiences with this? I came here on the advice of someone from the other forum specifically because Beach had come over here and I had a question about X Plane as I knew he was both a serious simmer and pilot IRL and one of his last pieces for them was on both XP and VR so I wanted to check in on the state of things. I noticed the piece on XP on the front page about ditching the controllers and although I’d like to, I’m still in love with “throw a switch, see it in VR” and I’ve gotten pretty good muscle memory from where my warthog is placed. When true hand and finger tracking become available for a modest cost of course I’ll purchase that but for now although I understand Austin and Cos. methods I don’t particularly care for all of them. Glowing switches in particular are a bugaboo of mine, but your mileage may vary and of course in VR you should turn highlighting off.

I’m still stupidly trying to run at least 6 ORBX areas, iBlueyonder’s KPDX, Ultimate Traffic and ActiveSky on my P3D in VR with 140 reprojection, you know like in the old days of FSX when your FPS would go into the single digits only NOW in nausea-inducing 3D!

That’s somewhat the reason for the “seasoned” comment- anyone who’s had the rug yanked out as many times as I have in Skyrim VR is bound to have what we might term to be good VR legs! But I’ve got 54 mods running on my current install with over a hundred hours in so I do have good VR situational awareness and nausea resistance.

Plus my older home-built PC had power management issues with Oculus from day one and would frequently ‘hang’ the light houses and their constant USB 3.0 connection need so it would crash a lot. New HP computer does it all for me now and was considerably LESS bother to set up, I feel OLD now. But nonetheless it is a good setup and has had few issues and what with the 1080ti for the aforementioned VR titles I felt it was a good bang/buck proposition and I didn’t sweat anything except delivery and a 32Gb memory upgrade to make it comparable to the old system it was replacing.

So again, I’ll back to topic myself and just leave with these questions:
Are you an old guy? Have you been goofing with flight sims and PC hardware for the better part of twenty years? Have you been at LEAST three years into the current VR headset craze?

What were your experiences?


Hello Flappy, welcome to Mudspike!

So lets see, I have been using VR in sims since 2016, and simming in general since about 1984.

I started off in VR with the Rift CV1, and then I briefly had the Odyssey Plus, but I much preferred the Oculus platform, in particular their reprojection routings (ATW/ASW). I ended up going back to Oculus with the Rift S and I have been generally happy with it, although I really wish it had mechanical IPD adjustment.

I use VR mainly for DCS and X-Plane (bush flying and light GA). For long haul trips I still tend to fly in 2D though.

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Hi and welcome to Mudspike, Flappy! :mudspike:

I haven’t changed much since I was 15, mentally…

At least thirty years.


Like you I started on a i7 4790. I had a 980 GPU in that one.
These days I have a watercooled, delidded, i7 8700k overclocked to 5GHz and a 1080 Ti.
I totally love VR. It’s the best flightsim experience, for me. Yes, there are downsides to VR, but I feel the upsides far outweigh them.
I was going to wait until the VR tech. matured a few years, but after trying Oculus Rift I had to get it. I now have the Rift S and are happy with them. Sure, there are things that could be better and I’ll probably switch headset in a year. Waiting to see how things develop. I’m in no hurry.

I’m having a lot of fun in IL-2 Great Battles and especially Flying Circus, these days.


Actually just past 35 years. Started with subLOGIC’s Flight Simulator II for the Commodore 64 in 1984…man do I miss that 4-color display…


Old guy :ballot_box_with_check:

20+ years :ballot_box_with_check:

VR 3 Years: :ballot_box_with_check:

I’ve owned the Rift CV1, Odyssey+, and the HP Reverb Pro. 90% of my VR time is in seated sims…although I wish I had more time to play some cool stuff like Skyrim and Fallout in VR.

From an immersion standpoint - VR cannot be beat. It makes me feel exactly like I feel when I’m in the full motion simulators. Night and poor weather feel particularly immersive. With the Reverb, I feel like I finally have a resolution that makes VR simming the first choice versus a 2D monitor.

I specifically built my hardware for the Reverb:


So far, so good. I’ll be very interested to see how MSFS2020 is if they implement VR. And though not a lot of people are fans of X-Planes VR implementation…I actually rather like it.

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Yep…that’s the point I picked it up. subLogic FSII, ATP, subLogic Jet…

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Thanks folks.

I was noticing most of your callsign/handles from the other places. Seem to have a lot of CA people here in addition to the ones from SHQ- so I feel pretty comfortable already.

Lurked a LOT on SHQ- still do from time to time but seems to be bots nowadays. I’ll “try” to be more participatory here as 50ish posts in almost twenty years seems a bit paltry.

So by way of intro my name is Rick, I run an Adult Foster Care for Ventilator-Dependent people and since I recently lost my Wife in an accident we were in back in March I’ve been re-evaluating the things I’m actually going to be wasting MY precious time on.

After five times over in a 9500+ lb. truck at 55+ one gets a little "perspective" I guess you'd call it and I don't have a lot of time for the things that don't interest me. Now on the other hand as I was sitting there trying to come to grips with what had happened on the side of the road and right before the worst ambulance ride of my Life I told myself that if I wanted to go racing, well that was just what I was GOING to do. Unfortunately no method of doing so has suggested itself and what with our usual Holiday emptiness here at work/home we have NO money. So doing so will equally unfortunately stay only on the headset for the foreseeable future and NOT the C6 ZR1 Corvette that my Wife by taking her truck to Valhalla deprived me of the ability to drive at PIR not only because we're still paying for it but also because it is my ONLY serviceable car due to all the lawsuits!

Let me be a lesson to all of you- DON’T get hit by an impaired kid from your neighborhood. Especially NOT if he is the youngest of three, ALL of which have been adjudicated for drugs or alcohol in some way because the Parents are doing such a GREAT job parenting they leave the Medicine chest wide open.

But here’s the HOT part kids, the real meat if you will, how is it that MY kids didn’t turn out like that? I mean it’s not like they don’t have access to some pretty first-class drugs- a whole locked cabinet full which believe me they could have stolen from if they were so inclined. But both of them are good eggs. Here in Marijuanaville, tolerant Oregon where they are UA’d just in case I don’t believe them- my 26 year old Daughter who now works for nothing like her Dad here and has since her Mom died and her Brother who at 19 is the EXACT same age as the kid who caused our wreck. Who was apparently chugging mouthwash when the officers got a hold of him- shoot I’d have helped him if I’d known- just gimme a hose and a funnel and I’ll show you something from back in the day, Son and tell the Boss down there to get her hot for me, huh?

My purpose in putting this out there isn’t to disturb or to disrupt but just to let everyone know where MY head space is at and the fact that from where I’m standing I’m like an A6 jock who’s still tactical but just had his BN shot out from under him. That’s the way our relationship worked- I flew the freaking plane and she ran the show. So now with my Daughter it’s rather Shelleyesque in that we’re a cobbled together amalgam of what we were. We have the appearance and largely the form but something is absent and we’re still struggling to find our own inner voice here.

So please forgive in advance my long-winded OT rants like this one, I’m still learning how to Internet after throwing my money at it like an idiot for over 20 years.

As I said I’ll try to contribute a bit more, other than just Venom as that isn’t very helpful to anyone.

Along THOSE lines I’ll take myself to the IL-2 and DCS sub-forums now.

Thanks All, see you in the “virtual skies!”


Welcome brother, and take heart, you are not alone.


Always friends here. Vent and rant to your hearts content.
Mudspike is here for all of us.

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I loved ATP! I ran it on a 386. The whole idea of actual ATC comms, (even if it was just text at the top of the screen,) and flying an “actual” airline flight…it was heady times.

I really loved those huge IFR maps it shipped with…I spent so much time flying those Jet Airways…


I never flew that one, but I do remember having an Airbus A320 sim that you could fly all over Europe using a real IFR chart. … time to get Googling.

Edit… here it is…

I spent hours with that one.


What was it?

(a thought piece by Hangar200)

What was it about those fightsims that made them so good?

It certainly was not the graphics, or the sound, or even the flight modeling. There were no external views. There was no 3D let alone VR.

The cockpits were not virtual. You had one view - straight ahead and the instrument panel.

All of the functions were keyboard button pushes. Maybe you had an Atari-compatible joystick–4 axis and one push button.

Still, it was pure magic.


Why are some of my most memorable flights not a DCS-world or XP-11 flight in VR that is pretty much as real as it can get, but a FSII or ATP or F-119 flight?

Was it because we had to engage our imagination to fill in the blanks and that somehow makes it more memorable?

If so…then…are we kidding ourselves that the next improvement in VR, 3D sound, streaming scenery, or enhanced weather will somehow bring back the magic of our youth? That these will somehow provide a return to those salad days, when flight simming was new and the world was beautiful in 4 VGA colors?

:dizzy_face: Whoa…I think I went a bit too deep on that one.


I think so.
First. Even if those sims of decades past had rudimentary graphics, they had pretty much the best graphics available.
And, as you say, we filled in the blanks. I flew around in my simulated PA-28 in my SubLogic FS for my C=64, pretending it was a DC-3. But I guess you have to consider that I also got a kick out of making airplane cockpits and gunner positions out of cardboard and anything else we could find. Me and my friends pretend-flew all over WWII Europe in those. And when we got computers with flying games and sims, we transferred over to those. So, imagination was already a big part of our playtime.
And youth has its advantages. It was largely care-free. Sure, school, homework and a few chores. But we had a lot of spare time. And we tend to forget the bad and remember the good times. No matter how good flightsims will get, the magic of youth will never return.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the present, and the future, to the max… :wink:


It was simply because there literally was nothing else there.
It was all uncharted territory, or sky, and everything was new and exciting.


Actually, @Hangar200, for me simming has always been about virtual realities. And yes with something like F-19 you had to do a lot of fantasy filling, but even with DCS I still make good use of my mind’s mighty fantasy fillrate.

There’s no G, a rather low resolution, and a very limited scenario complexity. All those things are up to the user’s imagination. And that’s quite ok.

Still, its all about leaving this drab and dreary reality of rain, death & taxes for a glorious virtual one where you’re ace maverick fighter pilot extraordinaire, an intergalactic mercenary driving a starship across the universe. Detailed games make for compelling realities, and sims used to be the apex of customer VR.

That’s why I think despite the limitations, current VR is the bees knees. Perhaps my imagination’s fill rate is not as great as it was when I was 12, but when I settle down in my pit, I am out of this world, and that’s what it (for me) is all about.

Going “deep” with a philosophy major is like mud wrestling a pig, you’ll end up dazed and confused and far less wise than you started out with.


I think you have summed it up perfectly @Troll. Although we look at the graphics on those sims and laugh at how crude they were, at the time it was cutting edge. Each new sim raised the bar somehow and made the previous ones look dated… and we were YOUNG back then. Now I’m knocking at the door of being 50, how did that happen?


The content of the games and the manual probably helped a lot.

A game with good graphics back in the day to me usually meant something big budget based on a film franchise and something I would be playing about twice before discarding it.

Even today the content is by far the most important thing for me.


That’s where the fun is…

Another X gen here.

Simming for 35 years

Flying for 25.

The first day I tried VR (early 2017) was the last day I simmed In 2D. I had been using Track IR for years before then.

Initially got a Rift then upgraded to RIFT S.

i7, 7700K, GTX 1080Ti, M.2SSD,16GB RAM. Single Player only.

Happy as a pig in ■■■■!