Why Can't I Create More Than One Image As A New User?

A bit unusually, this forum has some spam protection that is based on what a new user does before they can do things like post lots of new images or message people. Each new user comes in at ‘level 0’. That user can post stuff but is limited on things like uploads etc.

To get to ‘level 1’ is pretty easy, but it does trip people up:

  • Be invited by an existing member - that gets you to level 1 automatically, as we’re trusting the person that invited you. If you know of someone that would like Mudspike then just go ahead and hit the ‘invite’ button on a thread.

  • Read 5 threads, 30 posts and spend 10 minutes doing so. If you have less than that interaction here then the forum thinks you might be here to spam and leave, i.e. you might be a bot or an ad farmer up to no good.

Alternatively send your first (and only allocation at level 0) personal message to the @staff alias and we’ll be happy to set you to level 1 manually. If your message looks like ‘BEEP BOOP PROCESSING :robot:’ then we might not, so say something humanish.

So, a bit of a pain but it does mean we get very little spam messages here, either by human or robotic advertisers.

All of this is configurable too, so let us know if this sounds crazy.

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I appreciate these anti spam controls, unlike another site I visit where every thread gets polluted with posts about someone’s “sister who is making thousands of euros working from home”…

“Friendly singles in your area!”