Why constructive criticism is necessary.... DCS Carrier


Looks like the community has been heard loud and clear. The carrier will not pay wall the multiplayer community. Also read that hornet owners will get a discount on it which is great news. Hadn’t heard that before.

Constructive critiscism is great for the community. Personal attacks and complaining just to complain will never have a place.


I’m disappointed that many in the community decided to act like petulant children over the whole ordeal, but by the same token I would’ve hoped that ED would better understand their customers over such a matter, especially given the past with things like the WW2 Assets Pack.

I am pleased that they found a solution that will keep the MP community less divided, so I will likely put down the money to buy the module (and probably pre-order the F-16).


Yeah - I fully agree. It is not usually about being critical so much as how that criticism is presented. We can be respectful and disagree but we do not need to denigrate or disparage each other to achieve those goals. One of the reasons why I love the community here so much.


When we look from the outside - any of the communities based on combat flight sims are about fighting and blowing stuff up. Dogfights, guns, missiles and bombs. So how long till a community starts fragging itself?

The problem exists in other game genres, not saying we’re a unique genre.

I’m with you though, MudSpike let’s us have a completely different definition for “net neutrality”.


Yeah, I tend to keep away from the other fora because they are so damn toxic these days, and feels like people cry foul over the most tiny of things. I can’t fault Nineline being a bit tired off that.


I don’t care much about the discount, I’d happily pay the full price, but I do like the rest of the post. :slight_smile:
(…I just hope they don’t forget about the rest of the ATC…)

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When feedback is mature and constructive it is always heard, the rest of it can make it much harder to, it’s hard to link to a thread for my bosses when the conversation looks a playground on sugar overload.


That’s interesting to see. We’ll find out what it will mean in the long term.

Arguments based on facts are always superior to HURR DURR NO LIKEY!! If people take the time to present their facts, as well as their opinions, in a clear and concise manner they are far more likely to be taken seriously and have their position considered. A bunch of obnoxious squealing means no one wants to listen, regardless of what they think about it.

The advent of the internet has lead to the death of the persuasive argument for many. Both in the ability to present one and in the ability to understand and evaluate one.

Pro tip: The repeating of the same opinion or fact over and over again does NOT entail a persuasive argument.


Does not.


No really, it doesn’t.

I say it doesn’t.

Does it?



We do try hard to get across that we love DCS World, and our interests (meaning our hobby) are tied to its success. I remind myself that pretty much everything we’d like to see in DCS World, the developers have already thought of, and no doubt wish to implement as well. They are as much fans of military aviation and sims as we are. But it is a business too, and there are reasons that fans can’t always understand. And sometimes, every so often, fans and the developers will disagree on something…and we all need to be OK with that. Voice an opinion, sure, but I don’t know about making it a nail to be hammered every day.

Anyway…something, something…Jedi mind trick…now @NineLine is going to give us a date on the Ka-50 cockpit rework…because that’s what 99 out of 100 of us really want (that other 1 guy…just say you are developing an F-111 and he’ll leave you alone)…


What? No, I just want all the modules to switch to the new DRM. :frowning_face:


It only works if you wave your hand and do the Jedi mind trick thing. I think.


In Jedi Academy all you had to do was select the force power and hit F. You sayin’ that’s not the way it works?


With the F-16 coming, the button command is now F-ACK.


Probably NSFW-ish due to language, but ever since I saw that this is what comes to mind:

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Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(actually I’m back in Boca to settle my late Mom’s estate so I haven’t been paying close attention to the DCS carrier thread…did something happen?)


No it’s been just peachy @Hangar200


I got excited when I saw some Russian Heli cockpit screenshots internally today thinking it was an update on that, turns out it wasnt :wink: