Why. Just why? (Poor Kitty)

The other animals… I can try to just ignore. But If I was this cat I, would come back just to mess this guy up, like Cujo… :scream:

To me it comes across as in poor taste.


Same here.


I can’t wait to see what happens when Bart’s mother passes away… :popcorn:


Yeah…you know that there something critically inappropriate here when someone like me can only think, “Wow, this is guy is even more off than the steam rocket flat earth guy.” Just shaking my head. :neutral_face:

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There’s a pretty good Netflix doc called Don’t F… With Cats. I think it might have some valuable things to teach this guy. And yes this just adds another line to my long list of Why I Hate Drones.

sad drone noises


Hey, you should try to FPV flying, or drones version of VR (although you’re actually flying). You’d love it.

I roared at this. Out with Claudia and getting lots of aggravated looks.

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I did try it. A friend is quite good locally. (Wins handfuls of cash at bars that have pylons setup over patron’s heads.) He flew me (through a second set of headgear) around another buddy’s hanger, weaving around Citabrias and KingAirs. No opinion on that really. I bought a cheap fpv headset to try with my Osprey. I flew it once but got bored quickly.

I have to admit that my Phantom 3 has been in it’s carry case/backpack for months.

I love my Mavic simply because it allows me to capture perspectives that my family might otherwise not appreciate. Kai was 8 years old when we went to Australia, and I think the imagery combined with our photos will at least reinforce his memory of that trip and now he has forever those memories on film. I try not to enhance my memories at the expense of other people’s memories though…so I equipped my drone with quiet props, and do my best to avoid overflying people. I’d say 99% of the time that people aren’t even aware that a drone is flying when I’m flying/filming. Many times I’ve had to find my drone simply based on the view through the iPhone because I can’t hear it.

Like @PaulRix - I sometimes wonder if the footage is worth the risk to my certificate, because as a drone operator, I’m still an FAA licensed pilot as well as a drone pilot. It has definitely made me more aware of how I operate it, where I operate it, and carefully consider the legal implications of what I’m doing.

I suspect, but am not positive, that drone operation and how it impacts others may be largely generational. Us older operators are probably a bit less prone to be documenting ourselves up close. In fact, I think I appear on about .05% of our videos…I have a wife that looks great in a bikini, so no need to mess up drone footage with my ugly mug. I could see how YouTubers and Influencers (barf) with some degree of self-absorption wouldn’t care a whit about how others would be impacted by their drone operation. That is a big generalization, but given how many people I’ve swerved to avoid on the highway because they are FaceTiming while driving…I think I’m close to the mark.

If I sound defensive of my drone…I guess I am, but I feel I’m on the wrong side of the argument largely when considering drones as a whole. Reading of helicopters hitting drones, fire-bombers having to pull off runs because of drone spottings, and drones flying in restricted areas is pretty frustrating. But then I remember what George Carlin said:



George Carlin was a genius. :sunglasses:
“Be Excellent to each other” :rofl:

On a serious note, yes, the fact that the FAA could come after my certificate if I messed up or did something stupid with my little P3 gives me pause for thought. Add to that the misinformed masses who think the sole purpose of anyone flying a drone is to spy on them or take creepy photos of their daughter or wife, it all kind of put me off to some extent.

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I am not afraid of people’s certificates. I’m afraid of flying into one. In my Pitts such contact would be fatal. I have an FAA waivered aerobatic box and I do sometimes fly on the deck In that box. US law requires that I see and avoid. But I can’t see a drone at a meaningful distance. No human can. So I am dependent on the George Carlin 50 percent-er to both see me and to give a s… enough to do something about it.

The other risk is that drone integration into the NAS will have severe repercussions on GA activity once an accident makes clear how “see and avoid” is impossible.


Related: right now the airport in Frankfurt (EDDF) is closed, because of some idiot’s drone.

Wasn’t one of the airports near London closed for that reason about a year ago?


Yeah, it happened a few times last year.

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May not be an issue if this FAA ruling goes into effect. Hobby will become to much of a pain in the behind or just to darn expensive for most people to continue with it.


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[don’t be a jerk, Eric]

From the actual FAA proposed rule:

The FAA is proposing to tie the remote identification requirements to the registration of unmanned aircraft because the FAA and law enforcement agencies have a need to correlate remote identification and registration data.

…and therein lies the rub. The FAA is (finally) admitting that they have no way of enforcing current regulations governing these things, so they want to require the drones to essentially “self report”…or should I say “self incriminate” …I believe the 5th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says something about that. If my automobile doesn’t have to report its speed and tie that to my vehicle registration, I don’t see why my drone (no, I don’t actually have one) has to report its location…just say’n.

…and while I don’t want to see errant drones endangering the real pilots here–or us real passengers for that matter–I would argue that the current FAA rules are ill-conceived. For example I cannot legally fly a small drone over my own property at maybe 200 ft AGL because I live 2.14 Nm from Langley AFB. A drone that RTBs or lands when it gets 400 ft from launch is no threat to the aircraft over 2 Nm away. They would never know it was there and I could inspect my own property–mostly flood-able marsh land–without having an environmental impact by walking all over the fragile eco structure.

There has got to be a better way to handle this; keeping aircraft/pilots/passengers safer. :thinking:

…and who is Eric? :confused:


Pretty sure Eric is @smokinhole.
While I quoted his post there was no meaning too it other than information that there is something being considered.