Why not a DCS study level F-15C?

Which is more or less the greatest fighter ever made. I get that the FC3 version is a gateway fighter, but what awesomeness could be found in having an enthusiast’s version. It’s been in service since this album was released.


Surely there is as much info in public as the F-18C.

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It would surely be a dream come true. Belsimtek has toyed around with the idea in the past, but nothing substantial has been announced. Razbam is doing a full fidelity F-15E, but development won’t be resumed until A2G radar is fully implemented by ED themselves.

I’d buy it!

(…but I also own the album. Not the CD, the album.)


I’m guessing maybe the whole, “not one pound for air to ground” thing? Granted the Eagle has been the ultimate fighter for conflicts from the '70’s onward, but a one-trick pony just doesn’t interest me. Even the limited A2G capability of the Flanker and Fulcrum make them much more interesting to me than the Eagle- that’s probably why I’ve logged a grand total of 2 hours in the F-15C across all the iterations of Lock On and Flaming Cliffs.

Now, give me a Mudhen, and I’ll be happy all day long.


I think it’s an issue of priorities and experience. Nobody has done a proper Gen 4 Radar/Fire control suite yet. The FC3 aircraft simplify and omit a great deal. The Mirage is essentially FC3 radar mechanics in a DCS module. If the entire raison d’etre is the super capable big dick radar, I can see them holding off until radar mechanics mature.

I’d be curious to see what level of simulation is present with the F/A-18C. The experience modelling that would be valuable on a conceptual level, but also a practical one. The APG-73 is a descendant of the APG-63 (as are the APG-71 and APG-70). I’d imagine that experience gained from the Hornet could be applied to other McD products.


Good points all.

I think with the FC3 one out for so long, they’d need to dial back the pricing to make it sell. $60 wouldn’t make it. $45 max I’d say.

NO MUD HEN! Sorry about my different opinion there Navynuke99. I would like to see the current '15 in full switch. I can only imagine how cool it would be.

Sorry, some of us are “One trick ponies”

Yeeeeeeeep. There’s a whole lot of abstraction going on under the hood of FC3 aircraft, most notably in the realms of sensors, electronic warfare, and IFF systems (we’ll leave out the missiles since they’re theoretically working on that).

Now, if you’re asking if I’d buy study-level Flaming Cliffs modules if they significantly upgraded those models and fleshed out the aircraft’s other systems?

Great lecture on the C model.


having talked to several pilots who flew C models in the late 80s, at various points they would qual with dumb bombs, so yes they can carry and employ them. Then the E came along and they stopped doing that.

That being said it was not any kind of CCIP or CCRP drop but pretty much what we do now in the F-5 with mil reticles.

Full switch C model would be pretty cool, definitely wouldn’t say no, but I think everybody would be happier with a full switch E model though :smile:

Take the CFT’s off the jet, load her up with 6x2 or 7x1, and it is essentially a D model Eagle performance wise. Put the -229’s on it ( with the CFT’s off) and it will out accelerate and out turn a clean F-16. All of this with a more ergonomic cockpit, a way better HUD and a dude in the backseat checking your six for you!
That and the paint scheme is better :stuck_out_tongue:

And when you finally realize how lame doing just air to air is then you can load up approximately all the bombs and with your TGP and A/G radar lay waste.

Or do the ultimate strike eagle move. Have the WSO find and designate a target and have you drop bombs possibly lasing them in, while supporting an amraam that you have just fired at the incoming bandits. Have personally done this several times at red flag. Oh and you can TF (for the F-111 fans out there). And it has the sick HUD FLIR video.
Oh and have enough gas to do whatever for longer than anybody else (except A-10’s but they are slow so don’t count).

Also Strike Eagles have more A/A kills (2) in the last 18 years than any other jet in the inventory!

(Not biased at all)


“I wish I had the gas just like a Mudhen…”


Drones don’t count.


Are there two less AMRAAMS in the inventory due to fireballing said drones? I think that is a yes

Also I flew home one of the jets with a star painted on it. It counts enough.



By that logic…



were said firebee drones threatening/firing ordnance at US troops?

Also that video continues to be most valid for reasons that you already know and I need not explain here.

Tomcat Intensifies

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Can it be definitively proven they weren’t? :smiley:

You two are so adorable.