Why oh why @Microsoft

I have (regrettably) purchased a few years back, 2 microsoft surface RT tablets for the wife and I. The talk of the tablets themselves can cause a whole new story. But basically the rt version of the surface is a locked windows environment. You can only load programmes available on the windows store.

So never by the RT version. Only buy the Pro (unlocked)

I use skype to talk to the parents back in Australia (Straalya phonetically pronounced by the aussies). However, yesterday i go to log into skype, it won’t work, wife’s won’t work either. I scratch my head and think it may have corrupted in an update.

So i delete Skype and head to windows store and skype is no-where to be found. I mean Skype came with the tablet, its microsoft owned, was on the store, now its gone.

Well i google-foo WTFmicrosoft and other items and i discover that microsoft is pulling skype for mobiles and tablets to redesign it to compete with other programmes.

You may be thinking, “so what?”. Well, i can still download skype on my android phone. Its still available for android devices.

So WTF microsoft!!! you disable skype, remove it from your store, and don’t inform me about it. Me a dedicated microsoft user with a tablet that can only run items approve by your windows store that on a good day may have upward of ten apps to download… but

You still allow it to be downloaded on other OS’s stores. Like WTF MAN !!!


Lesson learned I guess.
Don’t buy Microsoft products whenever possible. Never do something that is important to you on Microsoft products. I pretty much moved away from Microsoft, except for gaming (and even there Linux/Android/others are slowly catching up).
Which is still sad because that way I have to handle three different OS instead of one :frowning:
But really, for a tablet I would probably run Linux or even Android before trying Windows. Works fine enough.
IMO Microsoft is the company that most gives you the impression that you don’t own your computer, and I hate that.


Don’t get me started

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Just to put it in perspective, Google doesn’t mind pulling apps when it suits them.

Well, you can always install an APK on an Android system.
There are Windows tablets that don’t even let you install software at all (except from the store).

Guess you never owned an Apple.


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I wanted to reply that Apple aren’t even computers to me, but yeah, you are right. I used some in university (and they sucked) but I never owned any Apple product myself as far as I remember.

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Isn’t that the same with Dell and HP?

Not as far as I can tell.
I buy a PC from them, then wipe everything they installed on it, replace it by a clean Linux OS or even a clean Windows install (although the latter becomes increasingly hard in recent years) and it works just fine.

Oh yes - that’s what I always recommend friends do - not they actually do it, of course. And then they are always on the phone with one problem or another…

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Yeah people getting used to it takes a while.

Haven’t seen a more inflexible, inconvenient operating system than iOS.