WIFI Mesh system…


I have fiber internet, 1000Mbit/s down and up speeds. When I use cable I get about 8-900, so that’s good enough.
The fiber modem that came with the installation has its own WIFI router, but it has lousy coverage and speed. I tried to get it to bridge with my ASUS router, but they both distributed IP addresses. Anyway.
I got me a Jensen Omni Mesh system that has worked well. Problem is that I’m getting only about 130Mbit/s speeds from the mesh system and that’s not even close to its advertised 900.

Now I’m thinking of upgrading to something that can provide higher WIFI speeds…but what?

Any ideas?
Would something like this give me better speeds?

What can I reasonably expect to get from a modern WIFI?

I’m getting over 400 Mbps on my WiFI backbone between floors (brick house, wooden framed with drywall walls and hard wood floors) on my Orbi system. It’s a couple of years old, so at least one, maybe two generations behind. I know this because my gaming rig is connected to one of the satellites via Ethernet.

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I went orbi as well.

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I have the Amazon eero set. It has wired backbone for my upstairs/downstairs (always a weak point in this house) and 3 nodes so I put one up/two down, with the fiber connection upstairs and one of the downstairs ones connected via ethernet to the the upstairs one which has the direct connect.

I now have complete coverage running hundreds of Mbps even on the patio.

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