Wild speculation: ED F/A-18C

I just noticed the thread discussing it vanished from the ED forums’ chit-chat section.
What could that mean?

(I don’t want to post the question there. I like ED and the official forums, but depending on what the situation really is they might not like the question asked there, so I’ll do it here to avoid deleted posts and stuff. I hate those.)

So what could it be?

  1. The F/A-18C will be released soon
  2. The F/A-18C is cancelled
  3. The F/A-18C was cancelled by ED but a 3rd party took over and they don’t like the discussion in the ED forums (like in the “news only” threads)
  4. Something happened in that thread, like racists or terrorists took over and it was deleted

So what do you guys think?
I prefer being optimistic and go for No.1 . :slight_smile:

Which thread? Was it a recent thread?

Yes, I posted there just yesterday or so. It was a pretty long thread that was originally in General Discussion but was moved to chit-chat some time ago. IIRC the reason was that the release wasn’t imminent enough to have it in General Discussion (or something like that).

The last few posts I read where a discussion about several versions of the Hornet, by a few guys that knew some stuff about the engines.

I believe it was friendly fire by the mod team, I couldnt recover the old one, but I started a new one… its not really an official thread, so if it disappears it has no bearing on the project itself, it is very very health.



Thanks! :slight_smile:
(although you killed my speculation thread, meh. :smiley: )

Thats what I am here for :wink: On another forum they stated that ED has cancelled the Me 262… so I made a Me 262 thread as well… just to make sure people know that some like to talk out of their exhaust pipes :smile:


saying bad things about ED here on mudspike is still gonna get you banned in accordance with rule 1.13 on their forums :innocent: You won’t ever get banned or warned for starting a speculation topic, unless such a topic already existed. The only really bad thing you could’ve done is start a topic like “why was the F/A-18 topic deleted” ( rule 1.3 discussing or disputing admin/moderator decisions in public ) but since you are not discussing them, just speculating on its meaning I think it would have been totally fine on the ED forums

to go back to happy speculating, I suspect we might hear something some time after DCS world 2 is released. wich could happen this week, considering the NTTR is scheduled for release in November.

You really have to get carried away to have any worries about 1.13, this thread was nothing like that, and no where near an issue… Mudspike is too classy for all that :wink:

Have you seen the painting over the @EinsteinEP dining room table?

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Like I said… too classy :slight_smile: