Will Ch Products Hotas work with Win 10

I have a new computer coming where now I will be going from Win 8.1 to Win 10.
My current Hotas is the Ch Products joystick, throttle and pedals. Although I like them, I am not sure if they will work with Win 10.

I have no issues with upgrading to a new HOTAS, but needs to be easy to program with DCS (moden jets and helicopters), Falcon BMS 4.34 and othes.

What do you recommend for HOTAS w pedals, as a replacement for CH if it doesn’t like Win 10

I am thinking about this one

Logitech 945-000058 G X56 H.O.T.A.S. RGB Throttle and Stick Simulation Controller for VR Gaming

What would be a good pedal device that would go with it…would the ch pedals work? If so, would I still the the CH control manager and the logitech control manager version to work together to work with DCS or Falcon BMS 4.34

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I did use CH throttle pro ,pro pedals and fighterstick for years with Windows 10 and never had any issues myself.

Win 10 almost feels like a lot of effort went in to making it back ward compatible with everything from Win 7.

Mr. @smokinhole owns X56 and flies DCS and also BMS so I think no prob there but he can provide more personal experience.
I own older X55 and I really like it so far (its quite far now :slight_smile: ).

In case of pedals I am really not sure what pedals could complement HOTAS like X56. Maybe CH pedals, maybe TM pedals… I have DIY pedals so hard to recommend anything.

I really don’t want to give up on my CH Hotas. I know how to program what I need so far. So MigBuster,you just downloaded the CH Manger and was good to go in Win 10?

I haven’t used CH controllers for over a decade, but looking at their website they say CH Manager is Win10 compatible…

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I’ve been running a full CH HOTAS setup for many years, and I can confirm that the software still works. There’s a workaround for a Windows 10 quirk that disables (greys out) your CH devices when using CMCC to switch profiles. When this happens, simply open up Task Manager, and “End Task” the “Microsoft Store” process. No other problems on my end.

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That’s what I got. I later added an extension which make it feel like a real aircraft - though the only jet I have flown is the Jet Provost Mk3.

I find no problem with the X56 except:

  • Occasionally the switches on the throttle will activate un-commanded.
  • The three position mode switch does not work with DCS. It would if you take the time to use the Logitech software to program the HOTAS.

Well yes no different to Win 7 for me…still using CH pedals since 2015 in Win 10.

My CH stuff works fine. The software does too as far as I know; I barely touch it except for the once a quarter re-calibration.

Of the three I like the pedals the least, stick the most (FighterStick). Have replaced the throttle with a Virpil. My hope is whatever I replace each CH component with (stick, pedals, throttle), it will last as long.

Still sniffing about for pedals. All CH stuff is still 8-bit (I think) precision.

It doesn’t bother me with the stick but it did with the throttle. Pedals, to me, are imprecise and too close together. Probably Virpil pedals here too in the near future.

I went from CH HOTAS setup to the X56 about a year ago.

Main downside is on the stick, the thumb hat(hat 3 for CH Fighterstick) is a mini stick on the X56. I had to change its functional bands to get it to act like a hat switch.

However switching over to the throttle, the X56 has a ton more buttons and its a split throttle.

The only reason I went with the X56 was for the twist grip on the stick. As someone how also uses a wheel setup I had to switch out my pedals all the time, I got sick of it and wanted to leave my wheel pedals in place. The X56 gave me that option.

I still have my CH HOTAS and Saitek rudder pedals in case I need them.

CH will(should)work with windows 10. But if you want to upgrade the X56 is a good choice. If you want rudder pedals the Saitek pedals are good too. Good spacing and adjustable tension.

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@weaponz248 Can you do a masterclass please on how to make the mini stick on a x56 work as a hat switch please. I would like to do the same. I am using DCS software, not the joysticks own software

@Scoop You will have to use the X56 software to do it.

@smokinhole show me how to do it in this post here, X56 HOTAS Question - #3 by smokinhole

basically just setting up bands so the stick acts more like a hat.

Which is better…the x56 or the Thrustmaster warthog…
I know the warthog is pricey, but if they are easy to program in DCS and other games and last a long time I can go with it.

I have had a very solid experience with the X-56, It has been serving me well through 3 years of rugged use so far. The stick is precise, modifiable and easy to use. I think I have discussed it in more detail in the past. Just search X-56 on this forum and you should be able to find some useful info. Good luck in your search.

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Well…made the plunge…
Just ordered the X56 and new logitech pedals…
Coupled with this,purchased an new gaming computer …not cheap…but I am worth it…

Come-on stock market…time to regain what you lost in 2020


And more!

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