Will Crash for Youtube Views?

What do people think? An unlucky incident caught on camera or just a premeditated sky-dive for the drama and delicious ad revenue?


Holy s&*( there is a lot of red flags here.

They will tear him a new one if they have any sense. I cannot see that being real at all. I really cannot


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So far it’s about $100 from youtube, so maybe an insurance scam?

I feel the real victim in this is that lovely old aircraft. :frowning:


Yep, plus the potential of forest fires, plus the lives of the unlucky people who had to rescue him.

I’m not impressed and I’m not surprised by anything anymore

That my friend sums up my feelings too. Unfortunately. Or am I just being a cranky old man? (like all those that went before me).


It seemed like absolute bovine byproduct when his ‘engine went out’ and he started manhandling the yoke like that. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone in a GA bird like that who wears a chute. It’s a good thing he just sooo happened to have one. I’m guessing the touchdown speed can be described as a ‘brisk jog’, too. Judging by the surrounding land, that’s an easy emergency touch down.

And all the while, no maydays? Impressive!

Utter irresponsibility. Hope he loses his license.


Top YouTube comment so far …


Absolutely correct. It was the apple of many people’s eyes for so long and he felt a need to destroy it for youtube clout.

He doesn’t deserve to call himself a pilot.

Seems fishy. And based on what I’ve read here - I’m not going to click on it - cuzz that’s what he/she wants.


Completely bogus Emergency.


Total YouTube whoredom. 100% no question.


This thread smells like SimHQ LOL! Just kiddin.


Crash is currently under investigation - https://data.ntsb.gov/carol-main-public/basic-search

NTSB #WPR22LA049 with reg Aircraft Inquiry

Won’t be ending well I’d guess.


I’d like to see the position of a few switches,

that look like a fuel cut off, and he conveniently did not show cockpit footage during the engine failing.

No smoke, no RPM Changes before the die off, just quit, like he turned off the fuel or intentionally ran out.

Could have easily glided that airframe down and saved it,
Insurance companies are in line after the FAA.


Agree heavily. Very few exceptions, like flight testing an experimental after a major modification, like a Subaru engine conversion :grinning:, competitive level aerobatics, or during skydiving operations, which don’t require a commercial license if you aren’t getting paid to fly the jump ship.

And it sure looks like there was either a dirt road or river bed below him with good off field landing options. His actions after engine out were more Hollywood than Pilots Operating Handbook.

Note to “influencer”, don’t try to free yourself from brier bushes with a selfie stick in one hand.

My BS detector went to max.


I’m not much of a skydiver, but I’d almost take riding a plane like that into the treetops over jumping out of it… if there was flat ground nearby I’d stay with it for sure (that said my piloting experience is now a decade out of date… take my opinion as you will).

Also… are we sure this isn’t a GoPro ad???

I had an engine fail before because of moisture in the fuel itself that had frozen on a filter and restricted flow. When I added a touch of throttle, engine just kind of wound down. I glided it back home just fine.

So, some failures can seem like they’re out of the blue, not everyone gets something like this poor 63 year old I know who had his 182’s engine throw a rod in flight. He got down just fine, made the right choices. Destroyed that Skylane, but he walked away without so much a bump AND he maintained responsibility of the airplane until his wheels hit dirt.

Still, I want to see this dude’s engine controls. I’d be willing to bet he just pulled the choke.

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Not knowing much about light civil aviation… but could this have been some sort of insurance scam with an old plane …also why wasn’t there a fire, unless has been noted his tanks were empty …


I note that it appears he was unbuckled and the door was unlatched prior to the ‘engine failure’.

Total BS. He will not only lose his license, but should be in jail for recklessly endangering others on the ground, among many other things. What an idiot.

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