Will my old Computer Handle VR

Hey guys,

While I used to be horrified with anything less than a cutting edge computer, Real Life™ dialed back my simming in the last couple of years and my trusty rig is showing a little age.

What surprises me from my youth is that games like IL-2 and DCS are still playable on pretty high slider levels whereas my Pentium 486 was already obsolete by the time I brought it home in ‘92. This gives me some hope that my rig has aged more gracefully than it might once have done.

I have been hearing the call of VR for a few years now, but my tech savvy has long since diminished (and I never had any VR savvy!). Which brings me to my question.

Based on my my specs, would VR even be an option for my current rig and if so, which one? The G2 sounds pretty tempting, I must admit.

This is from the Valve VR test. I was fairly shocked when I ran it that it didn’t just laugh at me and give me the finger.

Thanks in advance for any input! My esteem for the level of your knowledge is directly related to how little of it I understood when trying to read through the VR posts on this forum…so, quite high actually. :joy:

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Deacon my man, that rig oughta handle VR joos’ fine sir! Depends of course what you throw at it, but Il-2 BoX (flying circus!), DCS when tuned right and xplane11 should be quite doable. My rig is quite a bit lighter than yours yet manages to (barely) push out enough frames to make it work.

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Hey schurem,

Thanks for that! May I ask what it is that you are currently sporting?

If I understand correctly, the Reverb is presently king of the resolution. And with the G2 coming down the line, it’s tempting to wait for the “new hotness”.

But now, being relieved to know that I can run anything at all, I’m guessing that there is no sense getting a Ferrari chassis when all I can put in it is a lawn mower engine.

In other words, perhaps currently technology might be a wiser choice than next gen?

Well, from what I gathered, a 1080 might be able to drive a reverb at moderate settings.

I am using a 1070, an intel 4970K and an oculus rift CV1. The rig is on its last legs. Got all my pennies in a sock squared away to spend big on the new hotness when it gets released come fall.


The nice thing with the G2 is that it has a scaling feature…if your rig isn’t quite cutting it then you just dial it down. Good to see you again Deacon!


Your rig will ROCK VR!


You will be just fine in any VR game, you might have to tweak some of the settings in DCS, but a 1080 will crush it.

I recently watched a tech video regarding the “flattening of the curve” as far as hardware obsolescence. Kind of slowing down, I mean Intel has been on the same 14nm process for like 6 years. Broadwell to 10th gen is not as much of performance jump in gaming as you would expect, given that overclocking speeds are somewhat close. I even saw a bench comparison between broadwell and a Ryzen chip had single core benchmarks within the margin of error.

So for gaming you’re just fine.


Check this thread by chiliwili69 over at Il2 GB forum:

He asked the community to run his standardized benchmark and post results. While the test is for flat 1080p screen, many members ran it also in VR and the results are there too.

Yoy can therefore approximate your theoretical results :+1:

If you want to crunch the numbers directly, go here on the Remagen4.0 sheet:



Thanks for all the help, my brothers. I need to dig into the stats a little more, but it’s much more encouraging news than I was expecting.

Glad to see you are all doing well! :+1:t2:

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You are popping out twice the horsepower that I am and my rig runs VR perfectly adequately

Crack on and enjoy it buddy


Hey…great to see you @Deacon211!

In case some of you don’t know - ole’ @Deacon211 was the inspiration for the recurring Mudspike Christmas flights that we’ve been doing the past five years.

I’m not a real educated hardware guy…but I did upgrade last year to an i9-9900k and a RTX2080ti. Money well spent although I was a bit ahead of the curve so paid a premium for it.

That said, my “older” computer has a straight 1080 and was fine at medium detail levels using the HP Reverb…which pushes a lot of pixels. I’ve owned the OG Rift, the Odyssey +, and the HP Reverb and the Reverb image quality is hands down the best of the three. I’ve been so impressed that I pre-ordered the G2.

Last night I fired up DCS World and the Supercarrier and the Hornet just to do cats and traps and I’m just amazed at how far we’ve come. Watching the little dudes give me hand signals to come forward, the bump of the catapult shuttle and requiring power to get over it…the lighting…shadows… It is just insane how awesome it is (despite all the whining you might hear out there…)


Hey Beach! Good to see ya!

It is bananas how far we’ve come since the days when state of the art was a green horizon and maybe some green dots for depth perception…and that with stutters. :joy:

Think I might wait for the G2. The scaling sounds like a handy feature, especially if I like what I see and upgrade my rig down the road.

Looking forward to it. Tried PS4 VR and, while the res is noticeably lacking, the experience is still incredible.

I still check in here to see the Christmas flights. They get more impressive every year. I know that the flights on the other forum had been going on for years but faded away.

It’s great to see the tradition continue!

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