Windows 10 Creators Update ?

Has anyone tried this update? I see it has some 4K gaming features, X-Box type enhancements and security improvements. Also Cortana gets smarter but I’m not too fond of her.

Not really played about with anything apart from the new 3d paint program which is quite interesting, I myself turn off Cortana via group policy being not to fond of her either.

The video recording is pretty good with small file sizes compared to Shadowplay. Currently not working with DCS and VR, hope they fix it soon

Is that a combination of both DCS and VR? because I just tested there and it worked fine (no VR)

I did, no issues here although I turn a lot of the Windows 10 stuff off (Cortana, ads etc). The script I uses is here:

Yes a combination iirc

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I have it as well and I think I have turned off most of the ‘Game’ oriented features. Those were a little annoying and I heard that they were causing a few FPS drops (though that has not been confirmed anywhere and my results were mixed).

I accidentally upgraded to W10 Creators Update a few weeks back, Win 10 said there was a patch ready and clicked update without realizing it was this huge patch.

It’s been working fine but you should be aware of a couple of pain points:

  1. It uninstalls and reinstalls all your devices, so if you have any devices where you had to tweak settings (audio cards, usb headsets etc), be prepared that all the settings will return to default once the patch installs and you have to redo any custom settings
  2. It broke Nvidia drivers G-Sync feature which only affects people like me using G-Sync with G-Sync capable monitors. The workaround is to disable G-Sync or downgrade Nvidia driver to v378.92 from March 16 2017 until Nvidia or Microsoft fix the issue.