Windows 10 users, new XB1 beta app w/ clubs

Just FYI… if you have windows 10, you can download the Xbox 1 Beta app, that includes the new club feature, and then…if you plan on playing either race games or shooters on Xb1 or cross-platform, check my 2 clubs out:

Got Your Six Gaming

Gamepad Racers


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Got any recommendations for race games or shooters that are cross platform?

well FH3 will be the first and only right now… not sim, but damn good fun. Sure the next Forza will… got to watch and see if the other publishers jump on board. IE: F1, pCars,WRC?

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I love racing games (but i am not that good) all i have is assetto corsa… you up for that?

I play it on XB1… it’s good but not great, they are addressing some problems.