Windows 7 to WIndows 10

So a few months ago I went to windows 10 on my Laptop and on my Desktop. My desktop had some issues with it so I reverted back to windows 7. Well its been a few years since I have reformated my desktop hard drive. I use to do it every 12 to 18 months.

My question is how do I reformat my hardrives and install windows 1o at the same time? I use to just pop the windows 7 disk in and select reformat all.

I haven’t done it myself @weaponz248, but just as a guess. There are instructions to do a full install of windows 10 instead of the upgrade. Once the core files are copied for the full install, maybe the full install procedure will allow you to format hard drive as well ?

Just guessing here.

I did a full install windows 10. Microsoft should know how to do that.

I think for a fresh install I just used the USB tool from Windows 7 here:

You’ll need the Win 10 ISO downloaded from that page too. Choose the ‘create media’ step even if running on the PC you want to fresh install.

That allows you to create a bootable USB, and then once you boot with that you can create a fresh install, as in the ‘Custom: Install Windows Only’. At that step you can format the partitions.

Cool thanks guys. I figured it would be a bootable sub but was sure if there was another way to do it