Windows10 1809 Safe?

Have they managed to remove the bugs??

No such thing as a bug free computer program of that complexity so no idea what you mean.
1809 has been very good for me since mid December install.

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Is it safe? Perhaps ask Dustin Hoffman?

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Marathon Man. The perfect movie to watch before going to the Dentist. :wink:


10 Mudspike Points to @PaulRix! :grin:

Well lukily it didn’t update automatically on my machine!
Installed a month later after the patch problems ro update windows mixed reality and install samsung odissey plus.

No problem reported!

Thank you for the responses.
I will let it install.
Marathon Man that sent a chill through me!:scream:

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I installed it as soon as it was available, before the reports of issues came to light. Fortunately, nothing happened. Whatever variables had to be in play to cause havoc were not applicable to me.

However, I will definitely NOT jump blind feet first next time. :wink:

I have just found my C drive bloated to within 1Gb of capacity. Seems the update left 24Gb I needed to manually delete via disk cleanup. Grrrr might be worth you all checking your C drive for bloatage :blush:

It‘s being kept around in case you need to roll back the update and it‘s cleaned up automatically after 30 days.

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I’ve had it on a laptop since the first of the year and it hasn’t given me any problems thus far.

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