Windows10 1809 Safe?


Have they managed to remove the bugs??


No such thing as a bug free computer program of that complexity so no idea what you mean.
1809 has been very good for me since mid December install.


Is it safe? Perhaps ask Dustin Hoffman?

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Marathon Man. The perfect movie to watch before going to the Dentist. :wink:


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Well lukily it didn’t update automatically on my machine!
Installed a month later after the patch problems ro update windows mixed reality and install samsung odissey plus.

No problem reported!


Thank you for the responses.
I will let it install.
Marathon Man that sent a chill through me!:scream:


I installed it as soon as it was available, before the reports of issues came to light. Fortunately, nothing happened. Whatever variables had to be in play to cause havoc were not applicable to me.

However, I will definitely NOT jump blind feet first next time. :wink:


I have just found my C drive bloated to within 1Gb of capacity. Seems the update left 24Gb I needed to manually delete via disk cleanup. Grrrr might be worth you all checking your C drive for bloatage :blush:


I have it installed, but honestly it can take a while for problems to surface in all the different things we do, last year or the year before, FSX users were left in limbo after one of their Win 10 feature rollouts or “anniversary update” rubbish they call it and Microsoft refused to roll out a fix for one full month in a game/sim it crippled … in a game/sim that was one of their own, they were aware they had broke FSX for many users, many other apps too, but refused to wind their necks in and left me and many waiting a month for what they called a non critical patch.

It really bugs me that Microsoft keep rolling out Windows 10 OS features that many do not want or need and try to make them mandatory, you can delay them, there are ways, but they will force it on you sooner or later, also if you are used to tweaking OS’s for Sim performance, these “feature” rollouts often disable them and so you need to start from square one again.

My take is, by all means do critical security updates, they are needed and essential, but these mandatory “Feature” … BLOAT updates … I call them :slight_smile: just make them optional, totally optional, not you can delay, but one day you WILL use it updates … I never bought the OS for that ideology :frowning:

If Microsoft want to do mandatory new OS features, then go and make Windows 11, because essentially that’s what we are getting, except they are not making any money out of it … it makes no sense what Microsoft do these days.

Its my considered opinion Windows 10 is now one very bloaty OS compared to what it started out as, you can trim it if you know how, but its still bloated and Microsoft do not care.

Been meaning to write about this for a while, but my second Sim/Game machine had an OS HD failure recently … so got a new SSD for OS … but thought … and with what I’ve written in mind, did some research on what other hi end gaming enthusiasts thought … Windows 7 64 bit pro it was then, there were some problems getting it installed, not least because Microsoft wanted modern CPU’s like the I7 7700 K users to be using Win 10 only, also USB 3.0 has been crippled in Windows 7 … except it hasn’t, there are ways, there are third party patch’s … took me a while to work it all out, but I have that machine working very efficiently in comparable sims and games to my main rig I7 8700K de lidded @ 5Ghz that is on my bloated Win 10 … and I know what some will be thinking, all fresh new OS installs and sims seem quick at first, but I know the difference … Windows 7 mature is a much leaner OS than Win 10 for gaming and flight simulation.

The area of concern is and Microsoft blackmail again IMHO :slight_smile: is, they are stopping Windows 7 critical updates about a year from now … but that’s still a good year and about average of when I do fresh OS installs anyway … so am seriously thinking of going Win 7 for my main I7 8700K 5Ghz rig too, drivers are not a problem, losing DX12 either … more Microsoft blackmail :slight_smile: but I don’t need it, tried it in one or two games and its never done anything different I can see.

I don’t like to moan and whine so much these days, life is short and wonderful ETC and we should treasure what we have … but the day Microsoft lost Bill Gates was a very bad day … he took a lot of flack, but he supported MS Flight Sim from the get go, almost as soon as he left his successors slashed away at the company, projects like a new Flight Sim and Train Sim were halted … it fired up again a little later as MS Flight, a lite sim disaster that they soon abandoned too.

One day it will not be the need for a fresh new Flight Simulation we all seek, but a new fresh OS to build one upon … really do not want to go Xbox 960 or PS10 or whatever it is just now.


Meant to say, Oculus Rift latest works fine on Win 7 64 pro too, despite the warnings.


It‘s being kept around in case you need to roll back the update and it‘s cleaned up automatically after 30 days.


I’ve had it on a laptop since the first of the year and it hasn’t given me any problems thus far.