NAVY F/A-18C T-shirts


A few weeks back I reordered A-10C & F-15C t-shirts from my favorite site. I suggested that they offer an F/A-18C design and am happy to announce that the new t-shirts are available. Just in time for the DCS F/A-18C release!

The F/A-18C T-shirt -

These ^^^ are available in white or black with NAVY blue text.

My old favorites -


To anyone who purchased a new NAVY F/A-18C t-shirt - and has seen the ink fade after washing. Windtee had a new printing process for the first run. My NAVY shirts faded so I sent pics. They adjusted the process and replaced the shirts. I was very pleased with their customer service and quick response on this.

I told the Windtee folks about DCS and all the module a/c that they could put onto t-shirts, and suggested USMC AV-8B as another design… Let me know interest and I can talk to the guy there…


The new-printing process NAVY t-shirts are looking great. This one has been through 7-8 hot water/bleach washings…

It got dirty from cleaning the gutter!


You sir, should be banned from the early release Hornet!
Cleaning the gutter in a Hornet t-shirt… :roll_eyes:

Ok, nice t-shirt!

I was testing the new process under all known conditions! :sunglasses:


It’s great seeing how well our new print-process is performing, especially after many fierce washings. A big thanks, for sharing your cool images and wing-rockin’ shout out! :+1:

Windtee is currently hosting a new website with new designs, so some of the links in this thread may need updating. New graphics appearing weekly.

Thanks, @WreckingCrew!